Over 40 Years of Quality CNC Machine Repair Services

CNC Machine Repair

Restore accuracy and efficiency in your CNC operations with our professional CNC system repair services. Our process prioritizes minimal downtime and is focused on effective restoration and improved durability. Contact us to learn more or discuss a specific project.

Certified Repair Process

Developed over our decades of experience, the CNC repair process at K+S is intentionally designed to ensure the highest level of precision and reliability.

CNC System Functionality Check

Identifying control, motion, and accuracy issues.

Component-Level CNC Inspection

Focusing on drive units, controllers, and power supplies.

Specialized Cleaning & Diagnostic Procedures

Addressing issues from circuitry to mechanical components.

Precision CNC Part Repair and Calibration

Ensuring adherence to strict machining tolerances.

Comprehensive Testing for Operational Accuracy

Confirming restored CNC performance and reliability so your system can get back up and running ASAP.

CNC System Failure Analysis and Reporting

We help you save money on future repairs by delivering insights for optimal CNC operation and maintenance.

CNC Repair Experts

Our team's deep expertise in a variety of CNC systems.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance

Guarantees superior CNC repair services, every time.


Our expertise extends to CNC systems from various manufacturers, including Siemens, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, and more. Contact us to ask about a specific brand.

Does My CNC System Need Repair?

Your CNC system may require professional repair if you observe:

  • Inconsistent machining accuracy or quality.
  • Frequent errors or system crashes.
  • Abnormal noises or vibrations during operation.
  • Electrical issues such as short circuits or power failures.
  • Slow response times or lag in the control interface.
  • Physical damage to components like drive units or controllers.

Contact the industrial repair specialists at K+S to learn more about whether your CNC system needs repair or to discuss a specific repair job.

cnc machine repair
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CNC Machine Repair


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