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General electric repairGeneral Electric parts and machines are known for their reliability and sound build. GE itself is one of the most trusted and popular brands in America. Even so, you may need to schedule General Electric repair and maintenance to keep your machines in the best possible shape. Failure to keep up with this can result in long downtimes for your business, workplace accidents and other potential hazards.

Industrial Repairs of GE Products

We conduct repairs on a wide range of machines and components. Some individual products we service are the 44A CNC, DS38 Drive, and IC6 PLC. When it comes specifically to GE control systems, we offer expert repair services on a variety of items including:

  • Motherboards
  • Control boards
  • Interface boards

  • Digital input boards
  • Electric control boards
  • Printed logic controls (PLCs)

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general electric partsWe offer complete repair solutions and rely on OEM-trained technicians to get the job done. We also use diagnostic equipment for testing that has been certified to the industry standard. This allows us to properly test repaired components to ensure optimum performance before returning them to you.

Choose Genuine Parts

To ensure you get the best results every time, we carry genuine parts for repairs, replacements and upgrades. While there are a lot of great aftermarket options to consider, we encourage our clients to stick to OEM parts whenever possible. You may choose from both new and remanufactured options.

If you are concerned about the cost trade-off for aftermarket components, consider the importance of reliability to your operations. You do get what you pay for in this scenario. Aftermarket parts wear out more quickly, thereby reducing the reliability of GE equipment and increasing the likelihood of downtime.

GE in the Industrial Sector

Through subsidiaries, such as GE Power, GE Renewable Energy and GE Aviation, the MNC branches into the industrial sector. In addition to this, GE Industrial Internet Control Systems makes hardware for computing purposes. We have the resources to handle repairs to these control systems.

GE helps to power the internet by offering high-performance solutions for automation. The control systems created for this purpose help to connect data, machines and people for maximum productivity. GE systems have several benefits over competitors, including lower costs, fewer risks and increased flexibility.

One of GE’s magic ingredients in tech is PROFINET. As the leading industry standard, combined with GE, it offers the following advantages:

  • Storage flexibility
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Simple solutions for scalability
  • Quick and easy configurations
  • Seamless connectivity and communications

GE control systems can be divided into three main areas: distributed I/O, programmable automation controllers and functional and process safety.

Distributed I/O

This provides a performance-focused interface for handling some high-volume demands. There are a number of options in this GE portfolio when it comes to parts. The company is also unrivaled in this area in reliability and flexibility.

Automation Controllers

Programmable automation controllers are designed specifically for computing platforms in the industrial sector. These components help companies to effectively and efficiently combine the use of hardware and software to increase productivity.

Functional & Process Safety

The functional and process safety sector provides solutions, benefiting industries that rely on factory automation or processing. The GE VersaSafe is GE’s main product offering here. It allows operations managers to create new safety programs by connecting with existing systems.

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Do you already use General Electric machines or components at your place of business or are you looking to upgrade? These products can last for years and even decades before any problems occur. Routine maintenance also helps to prolong their lifespan. Request a quote for your general electrical repairs or parts order today.

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