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yaskawa repairRestore your automated manufacturing products and improve the efficiency of your plant with leading Yaskawa repair services. K+S Services offers cutting-edge solutions you need to reduce downtime, increase production efficiency and refurbish your obsolete or current Yaskawa equipment. Find out how you can improve your industrial manufacturing line today.

Yaskawa Parts Inventory

Whether you’re looking to purchase a complete Yaskawa automated product or you need to rebuild your AC motor and controller, our team has the Yaskawa inventory available. Any part or equipment that we don’t have in stock can be easily ordered to restore your machine.

Some of the Yaskawa repair we do involves AC drives, motion control products, teach pendants, AC motors, adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servo motors and machine controllers. Specific parts we repair and/or have in our inventory include:

Drives: CACR, CIMR, SGDR, SGM, and DR1.


Robotics: JZNC, JZRCR, U84 and U84H Controllers, S8125 Remote I/O Receiver, P801, P8051 and P8052 Power Supplies, B1050, B1060 and B1070 Series I/O Modules, C8110 and C8012 Communications Processors, and C8120 Remote Control Processor.

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Yaskawa is a leader in AC drives and motors, HVAC drives, servo products, spindle products and industrial robotics. These parts are used in a diverse range of industries, including HVAC, industrial manufacturing, automotive and more. Because of the innovative nature of many Yaskawa parts, you may be operating obsolete equipment. Yaskawa equipment is designed to last, so you can still enjoy a productive system without the latest models, but you’ll need to work with a parts provider who is experienced in finding obsolete parts that offer OEM or better quality.

Yaskawa partsWhether you need to refurbish your current part or find an OEM replacement, these specialty parts can come with significant downtime. Don’t wait for an inexperienced repair team, but order the parts you need from an experienced industrial service provider for turn-key solutions.

Experienced Yaskawa Repair Services

Repairing Yaskawa parts requires an experienced technician. The industry-leading electronic and mechanical components use precision engineering to maximize efficiency, so even the slightest error in quality could damage your equipment. For over 40 years, K+S Services has been a leader in industrial repair services.

We work with all types of AC/DC drives and ensure the strictest quality standards are met. From load tests to dynamometer testing, work with a repair team that ensures quality replacement, repair and refurbish standards. If we don’t have the OEM part in our inventory, we’ll work quickly to secure the best solution to restore your system and minimize downtime.

Another common area of Yaskawa repair is robot controller and teach pendant. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification and diverse experience in the industry allows us to restore your system. From refurbishing damaged teach pendants to maintaining servo motors and end of arm tooling, we can work with you to restore or improve the efficiency of your automated manufacturing.

Industry-Leading Turn-Key Support

Yaskawa teach pendant repairFrom the estimate to final quality control, our automation repair services provide turn-key support for your company. After our comprehensive inspection and estimate, we’ll work with you to set up a timeline of repair. Whether you need emergency services or need a team to work around your manufacturing schedule, we’ll make sure your productivity is first priority.

After utilizing our extensive inventory and decades of industry-leading experience, we subject ever component to a series of tests to ensure full performance is restored. This quality assurance improves efficiency and allows us to guarantee our work.

Because every repair project is unique, we’ll discuss the exact process with you personally. Some components can be removed and repaired in our facility, while others are repaired at your plant.

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Don’t wait to order your genuine Yaskawa parts or receive precision industrial repair services. Request a quote today to find out why K+S Services is a leader in reliable repairs and prompt servicing. Sudden failures, unusual inefficiencies and routine maintenance can all be resolved with our quality team of specialists.

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