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siemens repairComplete your manufacturing process efficiently with restored Siemens parts and equipment. K+S Services is a leading provider of turn-key repairs for Siemens motors, drivers and other motion control systems. Discover how you can refurbish, restore or replace your component today to keep your production moving forward.

The K+S Operations in Canada and Mexico are authorized by Siemens for the repair and service of Siemens Servo Motors. Our technicians have been trained by Siemens of Germany in all aspects of repair and testing of these products.

OEM Siemens Parts

Take a look at our complete Siemens inventory to find the parts you need for your equipment. As parts age, you need routine maintenance and emergency repair services. Don’t let a damaged motor, loose coupling or compromised control system prevent you from moving forward with your production schedule. Some of the Siemens repairs we do include motors, electric drives, geared motors, generators, motion control systems, selection and engineering tools, and gear units and couplings. Some of the specific parts we repair include:

Motors: 1FK, 1FT and 1PH.

CNC: 6AV, 6EP, 6ES, and 6FC.

CNC: 6RB, 6SC, 6SL, and 6SN.


Search our Siemens Parts Inventory

Siemens motor repairOne of the difficulties in choosing an industry-leading equipment provider, like Siemens, is that components continue to be redeveloped. Your precision motor or engineering tool may still operate efficiently, but is now obsolete. Work with us to find the obsolete equipment you need to maintain or refurbish your Siemens electronics and motors. Don’t let obsolescence force you to replace your entire motor.

As a leading distributor of industrial parts from over 866 manufacturers, our extensive inventory has the parts you need for your repair service. Having the right parts in stock allows our repair services to operate quickly to restore your machinery in an ideal time frame. Whether you have an entire plant operating with Siemens motors or a few key components, we have the knowledge and experience you need.

Qualified Siemens Repair Services

When it comes to OEM-supported repair services, K+S Services is a leader in the industry. Whether your manufacturing operation is in aerospace, construction, plastic injection or machining and tooling, we can restore your CNC machine or robotics to its full potential.

While OEM parts are a great starting point, it takes dedicated repair technicians to provide turn-key support. Turn to our qualified repair team if you need assistance restoring or replacing one of these essential Siemens components:

  • AC servo controllers
  • Electric drives
  • Gear motors
  • Contactors
  • Cpu modules
  • Input modules

  • Monitors
  • Auxiliary contact blocks
  • Servo motors
  • Feed motors
  • CNC repair services

siemens parts

Our remanufacturing services restore OEM-level efficiency for all of these motors, drives and modules. Whether you’re using an obsolete system or a state-of-the-art Siemens part, we have the experience you need. If your AC motor has feedback alignment, we offer full rewind capabilities and load testing.

Servo motors require quick turn-around times and efficient testing to ensure your valuable machinery doesn’t sit idle for too long. Wasted productive time can cripple a manufacturing plant, so ask about a timetable for our complete services.

Turn-Key Solutions for Your Industry

Don’t settle for anything less than industry-leading performance. Our turn-key solutions include everything you need to increase up-time and promote efficient operation. From predictive maintenance on motors to restoring electrical equipment, we offer the entire range of services necessary to restore your Siemens equipment.

It all starts with an inspection. Once we determine the issue, we provide you with a quote. We discuss a timetable and work with you to get your machinery fully operational. After providing comprehensive repairs with OEM replacement parts, we subject your equipment to a series of tests to ensure quality operation.

Request a Quote for Your Siemens Product Repair

There’s a reason K+S Services has been a leader in Siemens repair services for years. Our decades of experience in industrial repair solutions provides us with the skills and resources necessary to work in your particular industry and restore your equipment. Request a quote today to upgrade your equipment and improve efficiency in your industrial company today.

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