Indramat Repair

indramat repairAccelerate your manufacturing process with fully restored servos and other motion controls. If you use Indramat systems in your plant, you need a reliable team to tackle any complex Indramat repair situation. Learn how K+S Services offers industry-leading inspections, repairs and quality control to keep your plant leading the way in your industry.

Wide Range of Indramat Parts

Indramat is an exceptional brand that offers innovative servos, robotic motors and other controls. When your system is damaged or operating inefficiently, it’s essential to use the correct repair parts for OEM or better performance. K+S has an extensive inventory of Indramat parts to increase your timeline and offer you a streamlined repair service. Some of our Indramat repair capabilities have to do with cnc systems, power supplies, servo motor components, servo drives, spindle drives, and motion controls. Specific parts we repair and/or have in our inventory include:


Servo Motors: MAC, MDD, MHD, MKD, MKE and 1AD

Search our Indramat Parts Inventory

indramat partsWithout the correct specialty part in stock, other repair specialists will need to wait for a special order to be processed. This could dramatically increase your downtime and loss of profits. Because of our OEM and aftermarket inventory, we can be confident in providing rapid restoration of a range of new and obsolete Indramat parts.

Because servo technology and automation controls continue to innovate, you may be using an obsolete piece of equipment. This creates a difficult situation for obtaining the correct repair parts. K+S Services not only has a diverse inventory of up-to-date and obsolete parts, but we also have a team that has decades of experience working with a variety of Indramat systems.

Reliable Indramat Repairs

Repairing drives and motors requires the right tools and experience for the job. Qualified repair technicians not only offer reliable services, but they can also reduce the time and risk of performing repairs in your factory. Our team has experience conducting repair services on the following Indramat systems:

  • Servo drives
  • Motors
  • Motion controls

indramat spindle drive repairFrom routine maintenance to emergency restoration situations, we work hard to bring your factory back up to full speed. From predictive maintenance service and historical repair tracking to in-service motor surveys and on-site installation, we offer the complete motor repair services you need.

Once we establish a relationship, our team tracks all the essential data of your Indramat system. You’ll not only receive a generous warranty on all our work, but we can also set up a preventative maintenance schedule to avoid a critical failure or inefficiencies from slowing your process down.

Because of our decades of experience, our technicians have worked with motors and motion controls in a range of industries. Whether you operate an automotive manufacturing facility, food and beverage operation or a pulp and paper company, we can restore your Indramat system.

Comprehensive Services

From start to finish, work with a turn-key service provider for all your specialty parts and equipment. If you have an issue with your Indramat servo motor, we have in-house full rewind capabilities. Our servo motor services also include AC induction motor repair, fork truck motor repair and a range of quality control tests.

After receiving quality repairs on an accelerated timeline, your motor or motion control system will undergo a battery of tests in a closed loop system. We ensure your system meets or exceeds OEM specifications, so you can be confident in improved or restored efficiency of your system.

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