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Fanuc repairInnovative manufacturing tools require innovative repair solutions. Turn to K+S Services for all your FANUC parts and repair needs. Whether you’ve purchased a state-of-the-art robotic control system or are utilizing an obsolete CNC machine, we have the experience and components necessary to achieve a full restoration of your manufacturing process and improved productivity.

Quality Fanuc Parts

FANUC is a leader in robotics, CNC machining and industrial IoT. This premium brand features a number of popular products for steel machining, automotive manufacturing and machining and tool shops. Some of the FANUC repairs K+S can provide include robotic products and CNC products like servo motors, AC/DC drives, servo drives, amplifiers, industrial PC’s, teach pendants and more. Here are just a few of the products you can source when you turn to our complete  Fanuc inventory:

FANUC Robotics: A02B, A03B, A05B, A14B, A16B, A20B, and A61L.

Controllers and Teach Pendants: RJ2, RJ3, 30iB and 30iA. We can also repair or replace the discontinued A05B-2255-C101 Teach Pendant LCD.

FANUC CNC: A06B, A61L and 35i.


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FANUC robotics are designed with precise, but high production levels in mind. These safe and durable components are capable of working interdependently with humans but still require maintenance and repairs. From accidental damage to routine maintenance, be sure to choose a qualified technician to restore full functionality to your Fanuc machinery.

Similarly, the latest FANUC CNC machining control panels, motors and software all can be updated, repaired or replaced, depending on your use. If you experience any issues with your Fanuc manufacturing equipment, it can result in a loss of productivity and profit.

Fanuc parts

Experienced FANUC Repairs

K+S Services provides industry-leading Fanuc repair services for all types of equipment. Here are just a few areas that our specialized team has experience in repairing:

Refurbishing robotics requires specialized tools and experience to ensure accurate installation and operation. From servo motors driving the axes to the teach pendant and servo amplifiers, our trained and ISO certified team can repair and restore your Fanuc robotics quickly.

One of the most common repair requirements is a FANUC teach pendant. These devices may be rugged, but the harsh conditions they are often exposed to on your manufacturing floor can leave their screens cracked, their cords frayed and their controls inoperable. Our team will restore your teach pendant and allow you to restore the efficient operation of your robotics.

When you’re operating obsolete equipment, it can be difficult to find repair technicians that are experienced with your exact equipment. Turn to a company that has years of experience successfully refurbishing robotics. K+S Services carries obsolete components and employs technicians who have worked on older equipment, as well as the latest FANUC technology.

Turn-Key Maintenance and Repairs

Fanuc robot repairChoose industry-leading industrial repair services to enjoy turn-key solutions that save you time and money. At K+S Services, we pride ourselves in providing turn-key automation repair for any FANUC Robotic system you may have.

Our comprehensive repair service starts with an estimate and inspection. Once we determine the cause of your efficiency or operational issue, we’ll select the parts from our extensive inventory and provide highly experienced repair services. Then, we run your Fanuc component through a battery of tests to ensure complete quality control. You can be confident that you’ll receive a fully refurbished device that’s ready for high-performance manufacturing.

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When you’re ready to receive cutting-edge FANUC repairs and comprehensive robotics refurbishing, request a quote from K+S Services. Our team will discuss your needs, set up a timetable and work hard to minimize your loss of productivity without compromising the high-end repair services we’re known for. Take your Fanuc equipment to the next level with ISO 9001:2015-certified technicians you can count on.

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