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CRT Repair

K+S Services has the capability to replace specifically-designed CRT monitor modules. We are ISO-Certified in this process and will bring your company a quality repair or replacement.

CRT repairCNC control monitors and other monitors in manufacturing facilities often use old, inefficient technology. Find out today if you have CRT monitors in your facility and what we can do to improve these systems. At K+S Services, we offer industry-leading CRT repair and conversion services to update your facility.

CRT Replacement and Restoration

A CRT, or cathode ray tube, screen is the precursor of LCD. This older technology uses millions of phosphor dots that are struck by an electron beam to create an image. Blank spots on your monitor or an inoperable screen can reduce the efficiency of your controller or cause it to fail altogether.

Choose our repair services to restore your monitor. We can work with your existing technology and use our inventory of both modern and obsolete components to replace your current setup.

Repairing a CRT monitor allows you to continue to use the same tried-and-true system you’ve been using with your equipment. A CRT monitor isn’t as efficient as an LCD screen, but it can still provide a reliable display for your systems.

CRT Conversion

Because of the inefficiencies of a CRT monitor, such as a bulky setup, increased energy usage and small viewable screen area, many industrial facilities are switching to LCD monitors. An LCD, or liquid crystal display, offers many benefits.

Ask our customer service team about the pros and cons of conversions and repairs. Depending on the type of monitor you’re using, a repair project may be more affordable, but can cost more in energy usage over time. Either way, you can be assured that your system will be fully functioning and ready to display all the information your technicians need to monitor and operate your equipment.

Benefits of LCD Monitors

Replace your old monitor with a modern LCD screen to improve your energy efficiency, reduce heat emission and enjoy a 100% viewable screen. Compared to a CRT monitor, LCD monitors have very little or no electromagnetic radiation.

A high-resolution screen can assist your technicians in operating the controller. A CRT screen is difficult to read, particularly in a busy, fast-paced working environment. LCD screens offer higher resolution and a wider range of viewing.

Once you switch to LCD, you’ll enjoy far less energy usage. A CRT monitor uses up to 250% of the power of a modern LCD screen. While the monitor power usage may be slight compared to your industrial equipment, this can still result in real energy savings over time.

  • Bulky and Heavy
  • Prone to “Burn In”
  • Smaller Viewable Screen Area
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Emission
  • 250% More Power Consumption over LCD’s
  • Low Resolution Image
  • High Heat Emission
  • Costly Disposal
  • Light Weight and Slim
  • No “Burn In”
  • 100% Viewable Screen
  • Little or No Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • High Resolution Image
  • Very Little Heat Emission
  • Less Costly Disposal

Extensive Inventory of Replacement Parts

Our inventory includes a wide range of components you need for a quick repair or conversion project. We remanufacture components to restore your old CRT monitor and can provide complete replacement services to upgrade your existing system. Because of our diverse inventory, we can accelerate the timeline of many of our services to reduce downtime as you wait for a new monitor.

Recycling Your CRT Monitors

Upgrade responsibly by using our recycling program. Defective or outdated electronic devices, hydraulics and motors all contain usable components. Some contain components that aren’t environmentally friendly and need to be disposed of properly. We offer recycling services to responsibly remove obsolete systems.

Recycling not only reduces your impact on the environment but also reduces the cost of removing inoperable equipment. These services can avoid the junk removal costs that you would otherwise pay to clear your electronics, motors and other obsolete equipment.

CRT Monitor Repair

Contact us today to learn more about our CRT monitor services. Enjoy an up-to-date monitor system for your CNC machining line and other industrial equipment. Whether you need prompt repairs for a damaged monitor or a facility-wide conversion project, work with K+S Services.

Virtually All Manufacturers Monitors Can Be Upgraded to LCD
  • Allen Bradley
  • Ball
  • Bendix
  • Cardinal
  • Cutler Hammer
  • Daytronics
  • Display Technologies
  • Dotronix
  • Eaton IDT
  • Electrohome
  • Fanuc
  • Fujitsu
  • General Electric
  • Hitachi
  • KME
  • Kristel
  • Matsushita
  • Mitsubishi
  • Modicon
  • Monitech
  • Motorola
  • NEC
  • Nematron
  • Panasonic
  • Siemens
  • Sony
  • Square D
  • Toshiba
  • Total Control Products

If your Manufacturer is not listed above please call for consultation.

K+S is a recycler of unwanted electronics, hydraulics, motors, vacuum pumps and gear boxes.

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Certified Repair Process

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified repair process is designed to ensure that all repairs are executed properly, so that all parts are returned to you in excellent working condition. Our customer portal allows you to track and follow your parts through the process. Read more to learn about our eight-step repair process.

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CRT Repair


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