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allen bradley repairUse K+S Services to restore your automated equipment and keep your company at the cutting edge of this advanced industry. If you use Allen Bradley equipment in your plant operations, you need a dedicated repair and refurbished specialist for complete solutions when your equipment breaks. Discover how K+S Services leads the way with experienced Allen Bradley repair services and a diverse parts catalog.

We repair servo motors, AC/DC frequency drives, PLC’s, Panelviews, power supplies, I/O cards, industrial PC’s and more. Some of the specific parts we repair and may have in stock include:

DRIVES: Series 9, Powerflex, Ultra 3000, 1305, 1326, 1336, 1388, 1391, 1392, 1394, 1398, 1606, 1794, 2094, 2098, 20AB, 20AC, 20AD, and 20BD.

PLCs: 1745, 1746, 1747, 1756, 1761, 1762, 1769, 1771, 1772, 1785, and 1791.

TERMINALS: 2711, and 6181P.

CNC: 8000, and 8510.


CONTROLLERS: SLC 500, ABB IRB 6400 M97A S4C Robot Controller.

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When your system is down, you need a comprehensive repair solution on an accelerated schedule. One key way that K+S Services promotes prompt repairs is by keeping a large section of parts for every major manufacturer. Browse our Allen Bradley inventory to find the components you need to restore your equipment.

Allen Bradley is constantly refining and replacing their equipment to better their products and correct known issues on the manufacturing facility floor.  This makes it difficult to secure outdated parts needed for your systems. Our inventory includes a number of obsolete equipment that can be used to get your manufacturing line back up and running.

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Reliable Allen Bradley Repairs

Choose a certified and experienced team to conduct all your repairs. From complex electronics to CNC machining tools, K+S Services offers ISO 9001:2015-certified technicians for industry-leading quality and performance.

Allen Bradley controls, drives and servo motors use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with precision products, so choose a repair team that understands the delicate nature and precision engineering that goes into each component.

K+S not only stays up-to-date with the latest models of Allen Bradley parts and equipment, but we also have a large backlog of outdated parts and obsolete equipment for resale. Without this depth of experience and inventory, you may be forced to replace an entire machine due to a lack of obsolete parts and OEM support. Contact us to find out how we can help avoid that costly scenario.

Allen Bradley Repair Systems
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Learn more about how K+S can support your Allen Bradley needs by requesting a quote today. Whether you need a few obsolete Allen Bradley parts or a repair solution for your problematic component, our team provides you with cutting-edge components and industry-leading support from start to finish. Restore the dynamic power and full capabilities of your Allen Bradley automation components.

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