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K+S Services can provide your company with professional Industrial Engineering Services to increase your up-time and reduce unplanned equipment breakdowns.

K+S Engineers are experts in interfacing with Machine Builders and Original Equipment Manufacturers to gather the information necessary to develop and efficient, knowledgeable maintenance organization.

We measure our performance based on Key Performance Indicators developed with our customer to ensure the maximum amount of uptime for your equipment.

We strive to identify and prolong component life by:

Industrial Engineering Services

  • Reviewing industry wide mean time between failure and related data.
  • Establishing and monitoring baseline component performance to identify predictive maintenance opportunities.
  • Identifying and addressing training opportunities for skilled trades.
  • Communicating machine specific work instructions and Single Point Lessons

K+S engineers use a pro-active approach to increase machine reliability by:

  • Reviewing current preventative maintenance routines and schedules to maximize effectiveness.
  • Reviewing machine ledgers for accuracy.
  • Identifying methods to avoid contamination based losses.
  • Tracking modes and root cause to identify problem equipment.
  • Working within your current maintenance management system to share all data.

In addition to our industrial engineering services some of the other industrial repair services we provide include: hydraulic repair, hydraulic cylinder repair, hydraulic pump repair, welder repair, cnc repair, ballscrew repair, servo motor repair and more.

Industrial Engineering Services That Increase Performance and Minimize Downtime

When it comes to your industrial operations, you want your business to outperform the competition. At K+S Services, we aim to help our clients achieve this through groundbreaking engineering services offered in a variety of different fields. Whether your operation is in steel manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, tire and rubber or another specialized field we can help you surpass the competition.

Our expert engineers work tirelessly to manufacture, repair or remanufacture the vital components that keep your company running efficiently. With their experience and skill, you can work together to maximize your company’s performance.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Engineering servicesWe are proud to be able to service many different types of aerospace machines, including those that require parts that are now considered obsolete. Some of the components we repair include:

  • General Electronics
  • Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Servo Motors
  • Robotics
  • Hydraulic Parts

There are additional ways we can help, whether you are a supplier or OEM manufacturer. We are able to assist with spacecraft as well as traditional jet engines.

Industrial and Steel Operations

Our engineering expertise in the steel industry does not stop with manufacturing applications. We are also able to repair industrial control mechanisms which are essential to the proper functioning of machinery. We have experience servicing gear boxes, blowers and vacuum pumps, as well as other industry-specific components.

Our primary area of expertise in this field is with servo drives and AC/DC frequencies. We have been servicing these types of devices for over 30 years. We have refined our processes that help you adjust your loads to the needed levels through a comprehensive dynamic load test. This involves two motors working against each other using a unique dynamometer of our design.

Tire and Rubber Industrial Engineering Services

We understand the various components that are involved in manufacturing and repairing tires, and we are able to help you when the machinery you rely on breaks down. When you call us, we will give detailed analysis reports of the failure that occurred, including a complete testing regimen for all feedback components. This will be conducted by our highly trained technicians, who understand the variables of a factory setting. We can provide this as an emergency service because we understand that time is money. When key machinery breaks down, you likely can’t wait until the next morning to get things back up and running.

Some of the components we service include hydraulic pumps, servo motors, AC/DC motors, cylinders and power supplies. Whether it is your press, extruder or your mixing machine, we will do our best to get it working again as quickly as possible.

The K+S Advantage

In the above applications and beyond, we do more than just offer repair services. We share data with our clients in order to improve existing maintenance management systems. We can verify the accuracy of any machine ledgers. Additionally, we can recommend training procedures for staff to reduce the possibility of human error.

Predictive maintenance allows you to anticipate potential breakdowns before they occur. By monitoring the baseline performance of our clients’ systems, we are able to recommend guidelines for them to be able to conduct their own predictive maintenance. While we consider the unique needs of each individual client, we don’t just look at them as isolated data points. We look at the data across the entire industry in order to identify where the breakdown is occurring.

Our practice at K+S Services is not just to help you with repairs. We strive to help you improve your overall maintenance organization. We gather and present the information to you in a way that helps you improve production. Call one of our representatives today at 800-542-1331 and see the difference we can make.

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