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Welder Repair / Weld Controls

As with the other areas of expertise at K+S Services, our Welder Component Lab leads the industry in welding machine repair capabilities.

K+S Services has a wide variety of weld controls and performs complete dynamic testing under load to verify functionality and durability.

The systems utilized in the welder repair process are designed to duplicate actual operating conditions as these items are used in real world applications.

Welding machine repair servicesOur factory trained welding machine repair technicians have many years of experience in the repair and testing of a wide variety of welder controls, wire feeders, plasma cutters, torch reamers / cleaners, power sources, and other associated welding machine equipment. All welder repairs are fully tested under load to ensure proper operation.

The systems utilized in the welding machine and welding equipment repair process are designed to duplicate actual operating conditions as these items are used in real world applications.

K+S has full service capabilities to repair MIG, TIG and resistance welding controls. At K+S our Weld systems lab leads the industry in repair and testing capabilities. K+S has the experience to analyze and repair a wide variety of weld system components and performs system testing under load to verify functionality and durability. The systems utilized in the repair process are designed to simulate operation conditions in a plant environment.

K+S Services is an authorized service center for Lincoln, Miller, Hitachi and Nippon.  Our Southgate facility is also authorized to repair all Fronius welder components.

Common manufacturers include, but are not limited to:
  • Hitachi – Factory Authorized: all models.
  • Miyachi: CS-1300, CY-150A, SD-815 Controllers and all associated Monitors.
  • Dengensha: Decomstar 20, 30 & 70, RWC-9000-Ty-18, RWI-9100-Ty-13/14, Fuw-IRWC-GT2.
  • Miller – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI and Lawton, OK.  All Wire Feeders, All Miller Power Sources, Arc Pac 350, Syncrowave 200, 70 Series Wire Feeders, Bobcat 250, Millermatic 212, Spectrum 375 and Deltaweld 452.
    Arc Pac 350
  • Hobart: 70L Series, All Hobart Power Sources, Megacon 110.
  • Panasonic: AAII 350/500, AE-350/500, KF-350/500BC300, YC-200BC1, YC-300BC1, YD-350AE1, YD-350HM2, YD-500HM2.
  • Weltronic: U60 Weld Timers, TB91 and TB96 Pendants.
  • Lincoln – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI and Lawton, OK.  We repair all Lincoln Power Sources, NA-3S, NA4, LN-9, Power Wave
    450.  We are authorized welder repair service centers for their full line of Mig, Tig, and Arc welding products.
  • Nippon: NGRALF 6×20
  • OTC (Daihen): 350 & 500 Series, DT-300
  • Sensarc: All Models
  • Thermal Arc: Ultima 150 GTS & 300 GTS, PAK SXR, PS30A, WC100B, 185TSW.
  • Robotron: 503 Controllers, Associated I/O and Panels.
  • Nadesco: PH4, PH5 and IWC4 Controllers.
  • Nadex: All models.
  • Fronius – Factory Authorized: Southgate, MI.  Power Sources, Wire Feeders, and Controllers.
  • WTC / MEDAR: GEN 5 Inverters / Timers, Cosmos, Decade 5 Series, Technitron, V-50, V-60 & T95 Timers, U60T-90A, U60T-91A, U60T-92A, U60T-95A, U60T-96A, TB90-P02A, 1000 & 3000 Series
  • Motoman: Arc Master 501 Series: All Models, Motoweld Series: All Models

Welding Machine Repair

At K+S Services, we’ve been providing welding machine repair, welder repair, and industrial repair services since 1982. Our mission is and always has been to provide our customers with quality repairs, effective solutions, and efficient service through continuous quality improvements.

Extensive Remanufactured Component Inventory

When it comes to welding machine repair and welder repair, you’ll be glad to know that K+S Services likely can repair your equipment regardless of how old it is. We stock over $5 million of remanufactured surplus inventory to support older and/or obsolete equipment. And you can rest assured that all of our remanufactured spares have been fully system tested in a “closed loop” environment to ensure their proper operation and make them ready to install in your equipment immediately upon delivery.

ISO Certified Repair Process

K+S Services designed our ISO 9001:2015 certified repair process to ensure that we properly execute all of our repairs. You can track your machine or welding equipment through our customer portal all the way through this process. Specifically, our eight-step welding equipment repair process consists of the following:

  1. Receiving
  2. Evaluation
  3. Quoting
  4. Approval
  5. Repair
  6. System quality test
  7. Repair and test reports
  8. Shipping

Automated System

Much of the welder repair process is completely automated. For instance, when we receive your equipment, we log it into our repair order tracking system. We then barcode your equipment(s) so we – and you – can track each individual asset throughout our ensuing repair process.

A Customer Service Representative will contact you with our repair quote after our Repair Technicians complete their initial evaluation of your equipment to determine the likely cause(s) of its failure and what we need to do to fix it or them. Once you approve our quote, our automated Repair Order Tracking System sends your equipment and repair order to whichever of our Repair Technicians are best suited for your specific component type. After we make all necessary repairs and conduct our quality control tests, K+S Services then packs your equipment in anti-static bags protected by insta-pack foam packaging before shipping everything back to you in compliance with any customer-specific shipping requirements you have given us. Your equipment thus will arrive at your designated location free of any shipping damage.

Repair and Test Reports

As part of the welding machine repair services we offer, K+S Services encloses a Repair and Test Report with each of your returned components that lists the following:

  • The problem(s) we identified during our evaluation process
  • All components we repaired or replaced
  • Whether or not the problem(s) we identified with your equipment matched up with the issues you reported to us
  • Our test details and duration
  • The probable root cause of your equipment’s failure
  • Our recommended installation instructions

As you can see, all of our K+S Services professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best possible welding equipment repair services. We can also support you on a global scale through our ever-growing number of repair operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In fact, we support over 866 different manufacturers and over 122,000 unique part numbers.

So whenever you need any type of welder repair service, contact K+S Services through our convenient online forms.

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ISO Certified

Certified Repair Process

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified repair process is designed to ensure that all repairs are executed properly, so that all parts are returned to you in excellent working condition. Our customer portal allows you to track and follow your parts through the process. Read more to learn about our eight-step repair process.

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