FANUC Drive Repair

K+S Services offers reliable, ISO-certified FANUC drive repair services.Fanuc Logo For over four decades, K+S has been a trusted name in the industrial repair and refurbishment industry, and take we pride in consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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Common Drive Repairs

FANUC drives are well-built and reliable; they will last for a long time before needing to be repaired, especially if you maintain these machines properly. However, they will eventually break down.

When your FANUC drive does break down, K+S is your most reliable option to get you back up and running. No matter what issue you’re dealing with, our highly trained and experienced technicians will find your long-lasting solution.

Our Repair Process

Headquartered in Michigan, K+S serves clients across the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. No matter what type of FANUC repairs we’re performing, we strive to make the experience completely hassle-free.

1. Send Your Parts to Us

When we receive your FANUC servo drive and other parts, we will enter them into our repair tracking system. This ensures that our process stays as organized and efficient as possible.

2. We Determine the Problem

After logging your repair job in our system, our technicians will thoroughly evaluate the part.

3. You Receive a Quote

Once we have identified the problem and formulated a repair plan, we will submit our findings to you. We will not begin the repair work until you give us your approval. Our quote includes a failure analysis report (FAR) on all mechanical items, which will help shed light on the root cause of the failure. This may help you prevent similar failures in the future.

4. You Send Us Your Approval

When we receive your approval, we immediately update our repair tracking system to reflect this. This puts your repair order in the queue for our technicians.

5. We Repair Your Parts

One of our technicians will begin repairing your parts. At K+S, we not only repair or replace the defective components, we replace all high failure and age sensitive components that may fail in the near future.

6. We Perform Quality Testing

After we finish your repairs, we will then test your parts to ensure that our work was successful. We will also send you these test results along with your repaired parts.

7. We Create Test & Repair Reports

When your parts pass our rigorous tests, we create test reports that show your parts are working properly. At this stage, we also create a repair report that explains which repairs were needed.

8. You Receive Your Newly Repaired Parts

After we’ve created the reports, we’ll ship your parts back to you. We use high-quality, anti-static bags and foam packaging to ensure the safety of your parts during transportation.

Availability of Replacement Parts

We carry a large stock of remanufactured FANUC parts on hand, including servo drives and motors, teach pendants, and controllers. This provides us with the option to replace the entire component if it’s too badly damaged to repair, or if an exchange is needed back at your plant immediately.

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Are you looking for quality FANUC drive repair work? Look no further than K+S Services. We have over 40 years of experience handling FANUC drive repairs and replacements. If you have questions about your FANUC servo drive, or would like to request a quote, please contact us today.

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