Hitachi Welder Repair

hitachi welder repairRestore your full welding capabilities with minimum downtime with K+S Services. Our quality Hitachi welder repair services combine OEM components and decades of experience working with automated technology and robotics. Learn how you can refurbish, repair or replace your Hitachi equipment.

From basic TIG and MIG welders, arc and resistance welding equipment, to complex, automated welding robots, we offer full servicing and repairs that come with a guarantee of performance. From servo motors and actuators to the welding guns and tips, we cover your welding from top to bottom and offer comprehensive diagnostics and repairs. Here are just a few of the welder repair capabilities K+S has:

  • Welders
  • Arc welding machines
  • TIG welders

  • MIG welders
  • Welding equipment

hitachi welding equipment partsSome industrial repair technicians have difficulties with obsolete equipment. As Hitachi continues to produce new and improved systems, your welder may become obsolete. While still effective in its role, your welder needs obsolete parts to restore its efficiency.

Quality Industrial Repair

As leaders in industrial repair, we work with over 866 manufacturers to provide OEM or better components for your equipment. Whether you need a brand-new welder or a complete refurbishing of your existing machine, we have the high-quality parts you need to improve your performance and increase the lifespan of your welder.

Depending on the type of welding machine you’re using, there may be a wide range of parts that could cause the inefficiency. From a malfunctioning robotics teach pendant to a damaged weld tip, you need a company that understands your machine and has access to OEM components from all the leading welding manufacturers.

Turn-Key Repair Solutions

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we maintain the highest quality when it comes to welding repair and installation. Our team provides turn-key solutions for all your welding issues that are designed to improve performance and reduce costly downtime.

Our services start with an estimate based on a detailed conversation and inspection. Once we’ve determined the issue with your welder, we provide in-house support or refurbish your machine in our state-of-the-art facility. After the repairs are complete, your welding machine and equipment undergo thorough tests. Tests are performed under loan and in a closed-loop system to ensure the stress and strain of typical operational conditions isn’t too much for your refurbished part.

When you need to meet or exceed OEM specifications, you need a certified, experienced team working with you. Whether you’re working in machining construction, automotive, plastic injection or other relevant industries, you need cutting-edge repair services to stay ahead of the competition. Without a prompt repair, you could be losing valuable productive time. Our professionals work around your schedule and provide emergency repair services to get your manufacturing facility running optimally in less time.

Receive a Comprehensive Estimate Today

Don’t waste time with an underperforming welder. Request a quote today to restore your welding machine and enjoy high-quality, affordable Hitachi welding equipment. Discuss your issues with K+S Services to find a comprehensive solution that comes with a warranty for a hassle-free repair solution. Choose our industry-leading services to continue to lead your industry in precision components and unbeatable services.

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