Fronius Welder Repair

Fronius welder repairProviding high-quality state-of-the-art solutions for nearly 70 years, Fronius crafts welding components and technologies for automotive, heavy equipment fabrication, metalworking, and energy production environments. Fronius is dedicated to excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of clients in over 80 companies. At K+S Services, we hold ourselves to equally high standards. We deliver efficient, dependable Fronius welder repair services with support from our extensive knowledge base, meticulous processes and a team of expert technicians.

Restoring Productivity in Your Production Environment

K+S Services has a demonstrated track record for delivering high-quality automation machine component repairs for a wide range of industrial clients. As an ISO 9001-2015 Certified business, we service more than 120,000 unique part numbers from over 860 manufacturers.

K+S Services has direct manufacturer authorization to repair all Fronius welder equipment parts. We help clients in the United States as well as Mexico, Canada and Europe, repairing several types of welding systems and components:

  • MIG/MAG welders
  • TIG welders
  • Resistance spot welders
  • Electrode welders

  • Power Sources
  • Wire Feeders
  • Controllers

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Fronius authorized repair services

trained and certified directly by Fronius, our technicians possess considerable expertise in repairing your components. We also adhere to the strictest quality standards by using only OEM parts. For obsolete and proprietary equipment, we engineer unique solutions that meet or exceed original specifications. Finally, we test all repairs under load and within a closed-loop system. Your returned part comes with extensive documentation such as prints, drawings, test reports and detailed explanations of our repair procedures.

K+S Services’ Certified Repair Process

At K+S Services, we use a Certified Repair Process to complete your automation machine repairs with superior quality and efficiency. Our process relies on a simplified workflow, accurate diagnostics, highly-skilled repair work and thorough testing to ensure that your Fronius welding equipment parts provide the level of performance you need within your production environment. All K+S Services’ Certified Repairs are protected with our signature 12-month bumper-to-bumper in-service warranty.

Top-Notch Inventory Solutions

Fronius welder partsK+S Services’ commitment to restoring your company’s production processes doesn’t end with our world-class repairs. We stock more than $5 million in inventory, including remanufactured components for older and obsolete systems. With this inventory, you can tackle emergency break-fix situations, obtain the OEM parts you need or enjoy cost savings.

Our extensive collection of Fronius equipment contains the components we support in our repair services. Resistance spot welding options include the DeltaSpot and DeltaCon systems. The DeltaSpot easily tackles the high demands and stresses that come with aluminum spot welding, with stationary, X-gun robotic and C-gun robotic versions available. The DeltaCon is ideal for aluminum applications that require conventional spot welding and offer easy operation, a stable gun design and customizability.

MIG and MAG welding processes are handled by Fronius’ high-performance systems. The CMT Twin’s adventurous design blends two power sources, a single welding torch and two leading/trailing contact tips. This results in an easy-to-use system with fast welding times and dependable self-regulation. The LaserHybrid produces the highest welding speed, joining aluminum and steel components at speeds of up to 8 meters per second. Its architecture combines both laser and arc features for more efficient energy use, lower thermal loads and better stability.

Dependable Industrial Repair Since 1982

For more than 35 years, industrial clients have depended on K+S Services to keep their operations running. Our repair and inventory solutions are trusted in several industries including automotive, aerospace, steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and construction. Put our dedication, expertise and professionalism to work for your enterprise. Get started and request a quote for repair or inventory solutions. For more information and answers to your questions, speak to a K+S Services rep by calling (800) 542-1331.

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