Rexroth-Bosch Repair

Rexroth Bosch repairAs a global developer of mechanical and plant engineering solutions, Bosch-Rexroth creates powerful cutting-edge components and software for a wide range of production environments. Bosch-Rexroth products are known for delivering exceptional productivity, quality, efficiency and profitability. With a continually growing knowledge base, innovative methods and highly trained technicians, K+S Services is a leading provider of reliable, high-quality Rexroth-Bosch repair services.

Our Rexroth-Bosch Parts Repair Services

For over three decades, K+S Services has offered comprehensive industrial repair services in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. We’re an ISO 9001-2015 Certified company supporting more than 860 manufacturers and 120,000 unique part numbers. We’re proud to support Rexroth-Bosch’s extensive product line encompassing a wide range of technologies, including many common machine automation components:

  • CNC drives and controls
  • Proportional Valves and Servo Valves
  • Servo motors and drives
  • Motion control systems

  • PLC systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic pumps, cylinders and motors

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    Rexroth Bosch Parts

    A Rigorous and Innovative Repair Process

    We use our own Certified Repair Process to deliver unmatched quality, value and efficiency for automation machine repairs. With its streamlined workflow and meticulous attention to detail, we minimize your downtime by delivering high-quality cost-effective repairs. We back all our Certified Repairs with our exclusive 12-month bumper-to-bumper in-service warranty.

    Our skilled technical team offers dedicated and comprehensive problem resolution for your Rexroth-Bosch parts. Every technician gains top-level expertise learning about the products and systems we support, which often includes training from the manufacturers themselves. Our strict quality standards demand that we only use OEM parts or precisely engineered components for obsolete and proprietary systems. Repairs are always tested under load in our closed-loop systems before being returned to clients. With each repair we enclose detailed documentation that includes drawings, prints and comprehensive repair procedure reports.

    Inventory Solutions Keep Your Operations Running

    Rexroth proportional valveSuperior quality repairs are crucial when restoring your production processes, but inventory is also an integral part of your operations. K+S Services supply solutions in both key areas by offering both equipment repair services and stocking an extensive collection of Rexroth-Bosch components.

    IndraMotion MTX standard and micro CNC systems provide several production efficiency benefits. The MTX standard offers superior computing power and a fast S20 I/O system. Thanks to these features, it supports up to 250 axes and reduces both PLC and CNC cycle times, even when used for high-speed machining.

    With additional high-level language programming using Open Core Interface technology, the MTX standard controller functionalities can be extended to meet user requirements and future technologies. The MTX micro is perfect for smaller operations in space-challenged environments, supporting up to 12 axes and equipped with a high-performance 32-bit processor to cut down on machining times.

    Rexroth-Bosch also offers several options for motion control architecture. MLC systems based on embedded control hardware CML can handle up to 64 axes, with synchronized and coordinated movements on a single controller. Functionality extensions are possible thanks to function modules, allowing you to tool and grow a system to meet your operational needs. Other options include MLC-XM, MLC-Vxx, MLC-IndraDrive, MPC-YM and FTS-YM systems.

    Electric drives and controls are just one product category available from Rexroth-Bosch. Industrial hydraulics solutions include an extensive range of pumps, motors, cylinders, systems and more to repair, augment or complete existing systems. Other gear includes PLCs as well as servo motors and drives. With these Rexroth-Bosch components, you have more options to ensure continued productivity. As with our repairs, all inventory components are fully tested in our closed-loop environment.

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    Your time is valuable. With prompt response times and high-quality Rexroth-Bosch parts repair, K+S Services helps keep your operations efficient and productive. Request a quote for service or get your questions answered by calling us toll-free at (800) 542-1331.

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