Varian Diffusion Pumps

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Varian diffusion pump repair company

Vacuum pumps, blowers, and diffusion pumps are a critical element of a manufacturing process. When any one of these components fails, a significant amount of down time can result. Rebuilding these components requires extensive time and expertise to restore your unit to OEM specifications.

K+S Services and our factory trained technicians have over 38 years of experience in the complete refurbishment of these products. Only OEM repair parts are used and each refurbished unit is system tested for proper operation to ensure a quality repair.

Varian diffusion pump repair company

The diffusion pump is the oldest and most reliable for creating a high vacuum. A diffusion pump cannot begin working in full atmosphere which is why you would use a positive displacement pump to get into low vacuum and then the diffusion pump can begin working to achieve high vacuum levels. This is why you will see a number of vacuum pumps being used in series. There are basically two types of momentum transfer of molecular pumps:

  • Diffusion (vapor jet)
  • Turbo Molecular (high speed rotating blades)

Vacuum pumps are combined with chambers and operational procedures in a wide variety of vacuum systems. Sometimes more than one pump will be used in a series in a single application depending on the level of vacuum required. Vacuum pumps are used in a number of industrial and scientific processes as follows:

  • Abar vacuum furnaces
  • Heat treating
  • Electron microscope
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Molecular beam welding
  • Welding of advanced materials
  • Composite plastic molding
  • Production of electric lights, vacuum tubes, CRT’s

  • Semiconductor processing
  • Medical processes requiring suction
  • Industrial processes requiring suction
  • Vacuum coating on glass, metal, and plastics for decoration, durability, and energy saving
  • Hard coating engine components

Diffusion pump repair company

Varian diffusion pump repair


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