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K+S has over 40,000 remanufactured spare parts ready for immediate sale or exchange. 

These K+S Certified Remanufactured Spare Parts are fully system tested in our closed-loop and “real world application” test stands to ensure proper operation each and every time.  All remanufactured spare parts come with a full one year warranty.

Top Tested and Ready to Ship Siemens Parts

Let K+S know if you have any excess/obsolete equipment you may be interested in disposing of. Instead of paying to have it hauled away, K+S may be interested in buying those items. Send us your list and take the Green Approach instead of contributing to landfill waste!

The K+S Operations in Canada and Mexico are authorized by Siemens for the repair and service of Siemens Servo Motors. Our technicians have been trained by Siemens of Germany in all aspects of repair and testing of these products.

siemens products

At K+S Services, we combine an extensive parts catalog, closed-loop testing and expert repair services to offer industry-leading repair, rebuild and remanufacturing services. Discuss your Siemens product needs with our skilled team of professionals and discover the K+S Services difference.

Our Parts Catalog

When you have Siemens equipment that needs to be repaired or rebuilt, we have over 40,000 parts available. We offer obsolete and state-of-the-art equipment for immediate parts replacement or installation. If you have an inefficient servo motor, damaged electric drive or inoperable generator, search our catalog for affordable, high-quality, remanufactured spare parts. We can help restore OEM efficiency to your equipment in a timely and cost-effective way.  

Many obsolete parts are difficult to obtain from other industrial service providers, but at K+S Services, we provide hard-to-find parts and components without the hassle and additional downtime of back ordered parts.

Explore our extensive catalog using the helpful search feature. Our top tested parts are categorized by type, so you can easily search for your damaged part by finding the specific model that fits your equipment. Here are just a few common components you can find in our catalog:

  • Operator panels
  • Power modules
  • Servo motors
  • Touch screens

Whether you have a single Siemens automation component or a full line of these products, finding a reliable replacement part has never been easier or more convenient.

Our friendly customer service team is experienced with our parts inventory, so they can guide you through the ordering process for efficient replacement. As an authorized Siemens repair and service team, we’re confident we can provide the parts and repairs for any new or obsolete equipment.

Comprehensive Testing

We proudly stand behind all of our Siemens parts. We ensure the highest quality and OEM-level capabilities through our closed-loop testing services. If your automated construction equipment, aerospace manufacturing or machine tooling equipment needs a new part, you can trust our components will meet your needs. K+S remanufactured spare parts are ready to be used in all your industrial applications. 

All this translates into parts you can rely on. A confident repair starts with quality parts and we cover our remanufactured parts with a one year warranty. Find out how you can exchange obsolete parts for high-quality replacement parts from K+S.

Reliable Repair Services

Even the most reliable replacement component won’t restore your production line if it isn’t installed correctly. After ordering essential components, work with our repair service team to enjoy comprehensive, full-service support. Your in-house maintenance team has enough to take care of on their own, so let our team restore your equipment to peak performance.

Efficient repairs result in less downtime, which improves your bottom line. Keep your presses, machining tools or other equipment operating efficiently day and night with reliable repairs from K+S. Work with our trained and experienced repair professionals to enjoy warrantied repair services on all your Siemens automated equipment.

Affordable Siemens Parts at K+S Services

Browse our Siemens spare parts today to see how you can restore your electrical and mechanical equipment. Contact us to discuss your spare parts needs and to learn more about our excess/obsolete equipment purchasing program.

Repair or replace your automated equipment today to stay ahead of the competition. Search for your must-have component or discuss your repair issues with our team to troubleshoot your inefficient equipment and get back to work. From Siemens parts replacement to skilled repair services, K+S Services provides everything you need to get your facility back online.