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K+S has over 40,000 remanufactured spare parts ready for immediate sale or exchange. 

These K+S Certified Remanufactured Spare Parts are fully system tested in our closed-loop and “real world application” test stands to ensure proper operation each and every time.  All remanufactured ABB parts come with a full one year warranty.

Top Tested and Ready to Ship ABB Parts

Let K+S know if you have any excess/obsolete equipment you may be interested in disposing of. Instead of paying to have it hauled away, K+S may be interested in buying those items. Send us your list and take the Green Approach instead of contributing to landfill waste!

Restore Your Production Line

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When an ABB machine breaks down, OEM replacement parts offer a quick and convenient way to restore your production line.

Our comprehensive catalog of spare parts covers a wide range of obsolete and state-of-the-art ABB inventory. Discover how you can quickly find the part you need and enjoy affordable prices on single parts or bulk orders.

If you are having issues with a new piece of equipment, our modern ABB parts make it easy to replace a damaged component quickly. Simply contact our trained team of technicians can to swap out the affected piece and perform comprehensive testing services to ensure a complete repair.

Obsolete components can be difficult to obtain from other providers, but at K+S Services, we have over 122,000 unique part numbers in stock. We can provide you with many parts that may no longer be supported by ABB.

These obsolete components are usually only found on backorder or by custom-fabrication of aftermarket replacements that take time to ship. With K+S, you’ll enjoy the same convenience of a modern OEM component when you shop our line of reliable obsolete replacement parts.

Remanufactured Parts

All of our remanufactured ABB parts undergo strict quality control testing to ensure they meet OEM or better specifications.  Our ISO 9001:2015 certified team leads the way in automation remanufacturing and repair services.

If you can’t find the specific ABB parts you need in our catalog, ask us about remanufacturing or repairing your existing part. Our remanufacturing team takes your damaged or worn-out OEM component and completely rebuilds it. We disassemble each component to determine the exact failure point and replace that specific point rather than the entire piece. This helps us save you money and time on your repair services.

Remanufacturing is a reliable alternative if we don’t carry the new OEM spare parts you need. Don’t turn to an aftermarket manufacturer for an entire teach pendant, servo drive unit  or module, but work with existing OEM parts and replace only what’s necessary.

Repair Services for ABB Machines

Repairing your ABB systems requires an expert understanding of the related components. Whether you’re having a processor issue, a power supply failure or a compromised wrist assembly, our team can restore your components with minimal downtime.

Because of our extensive ABB spare parts catalog, our technicians don’t have to wait for backorder components to arrive before replacing your damaged components. Keep your assembly line or heavy equipment operating on task and on time with reduced time spent waiting for a repair service.

Work With K+S Services Today

Take your ABB products to the next level with OEM replacement parts, reliable repair services and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Work with K+S Services to explore new ways to grow your business.