Power Generation

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Servo Valve Repair Lab

Servo Valves can be found in use in Power Generation plants. They are used to control the hydraulic actuator position for the inlet guide vanes. 

Servo valve repair

Power generator servo valve

Valves supported but not limited to:


  • G771K201
  • G771K200
  • E077-655
  • D761-2766
  • D364-501
  • D631-344C
  • D076-317


  • 850-0002
  • 456-0010
  • 456-0005
  • 200-0001X


  • SLS 325


  • 4693-249-901
  • 4657-254-909
  • 4571-252-200
  • 4540-068-000


  • 4WS2EM10-45-20B3T315K8DV-24

Our Servo Valve Repair Lab has the capability to provide computer controlled dynamic and static testing. Our state of the art computerized load stands ensure that each valve meets OEM specifications.


K+S Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified at all locations. Our continued ISO certification ensures that our level of quality is maintained and our efforts for continuous improvement are always expanding.