Remote Operated Vehicles- ROV

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For several years, K+S has been repairing and supplying valves to Integrated Subsea Services who operate a number of Remote Operated Vehicles. 

This extremely compact servo valve pack weighs only 15 kg / 33 lbs in sea water and provides precise control of propulsion thrusters on underwater vehicles. The pack incorporates eight 77 LPM (20 USGM) rated servo valves that provide low pressure drop on most standard ROV applications. The use of this pack in conjunction with Sub-Atlantic’s efficient thrusters and hydraulic power units will produce an unbeatable propulsion solution with regard to reliability, efficiency and cost. The valves can also be used to control any tool requiring a variable speed or reversible function.

Compact servo valve for underwater vehicle

Manipulator Arms are standard equipment on many medium and heavy work-class ROV systems. This manipulator requires 7 servo valves to control its various degrees of movement.

servo valve for remote operated vehicles

Valves that have been repaired and purchased consists of, but not limited to:

  • 200-0016 New Star Valves
  • 30-389A Moog Miniature Valves
  • E050-031 Moog
  • E777-006 Moog
  • 4633-119-901 Dowty


K+S Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified at all locations. Our continued ISO certification ensures that our level of quality is maintained and our efforts for continuous improvement are always expanding.