STAR 550-0410 Valve Direct Replacement for Moog G761-3003B Servo Valve!

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In the event that your Moog servo valve is determined to be non-repairable, K+S Services in partnership with Star Hydraulics, ltd., is able to provide a drop in replacement for the Moog G761-3003B! K+S Services is the only Authorized Distributor and Service Center in North America and Mexico for Star Hydraulics.

The STAR 550 valve is a 2-stage Servo Valve with rated flows up to 75 l/m. This series is available in internal and external pilot supply.

Moog Servo Valve Repair

Moog Servo Valve Replacement

Features Include:

  • Standard and high response versions
  • Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
  • ISO 10372-04-04-092 mounting pattern
  • Internal pilot supply – 4 port
  • Suitable for 3-way or 4-way applications
  • Low hysteresis and zero point drift
  • High spool drive forces
  • Spool in bursting design
  • Dry torque motor with mechanical feedback
  • Long life Sapphire Technology

Benefits Include:

  • Sapphire ball in slot design
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Custom spool lap and bushing port geometries
  • Special projects
  • Sapphire flow
  • Sealing materials
  • Special connectors

Servo Valve Repair

Sapphire Technology

  • Incorporated into STAR designs since 1988
  • Billions of cycles per service life
  • Increased spool life due to spool rotation
  • Ultra low coefficient of friction sapphire to steel
  • Feedback mechanism unhindered by spool rotation
  • Extended warranties available

Alternative Moog Replacements:

  • E030
  • 776, 77-1
  • 77-2,772
  • 77-5, 773
  • E061, 62, 73, 76, 760, 769
  • G761

  • 62
  • 631
  • 72
  • 728
  • D661 / D634


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