3 Steps Towards Quality Industrial Tool Repair

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Industrial Tool RepairMalfunctioning industrial tools can lead to safety hazards and expensive product damages. Using a reliable industrial repair service  such as K+S Services is a way to repair tools quickly and effectively, thus allowing your industry to continue meeting goals and working within time frames. Follow three simple steps to achieve quality industrial repairs within your industry.

1. Determine Type of Repair Needed

Different industries may use different types of tools, which means each of these industries has different types of potential repairs they may need. For reliable repairs, work with a company that has experience with the damages common within your specific industry. K+S Services serves a wide range of industries, including aerospace, alternative energy and structure testing. Identifying the type of repair needed leads to proper automation repair processes.

Each of these industries may need industrial repairs that fall into one of four categories: electronics, machining, motors and hydraulic/mechanical. For example, electronic repairs may require expertise with DC torque tools or weld controls, while hydraulic repairs require knowledge about servo valves and vacuum pumps. Additionally, repairs are not limited to damages or fractured machine parts. Repairs can be used to maintain and increase robot up-time.

After determining the accurate type of repair category that you require, contact a repair company specifically for your industrial repair need.

2. Contact Automation Repair Company

When evaluating a company, take time to consider experience and reliability. The company should be familiar with the needs of your industry while also providing suitable turn-around time and quality, long-lasting repairs. Depending on the type of damages, a repair may be performed on or off-site.

One way to evaluate a company is to check if it falls under the ISO Certified Repair Process. As a company with this certification, K+S Services follows an eight-step process including important checkpoints such as communicating quotes with the client and preparing test reports. Another consideration when working with a repair company is the communication used throughout the repair process.

When working with K+S Services, you can choose to use a S.T.A.M.P database that tracks all repairs and their costs within your industry, along with gathering information on root causes that can be used to prevent damages in the future.

An automation repair company can offer services beyond the repair of industrial tools alone. Ask about these when in contact with a repair company. For example, K+S Services offers management services to help your industry maintain spare parts inventories. It is helpful to have a spare part system in place so sending parts away for repairs does not significantly hinder production processes.

3. Benefit From Repaired Tools

Once an industrial tool is repaired, it should be tested to affirm the necessary repairs were performed. The method of testing usually includes a closed-loop system test that generates a report. Following the test, the tool can be returned and re-installed. After working with a repair company, you can get components of your industry back up and running and continue achieving workplace production goals.

However, it is important to regularly monitor and evaluate automation tools because this potentially allows you to notice necessary repairs before damages lead to expensive and inconvenient consequences.

Along with automation repair, K+S Services also offers engineering services on an assignment-specific basis and upfront engagement to maximize the warranty of any new equipment your company may purchase. With over 35 years of experience, the K+S team works on a global scale and can meet the automation repair needs of many different industries. Contact K+S Services today to learn more about how the company can help you achieve quality repairs.