Atlas Copco Tools & Controllers

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Atlas Copco ETD-D37-30-10 Compact DS7 Controller DS 10M Tool Cable
Atlas Copco

K+S supports all your Atlas Copco DC Torque-Fastening Equipment. We service the entire system.

Your repairs include a full functional system test and run off.

The tool is calibrated to OEM spec, ISO 17025 Compliance and backed with a warranty. We have all the necessary close loop systems for testing and accuracy, with PM’s and/or replacement parts provided for common failure components.

A failure analysis report and pertinent scope of work is recorded with every repair. We support the older (discontinued) Atlas Copco equipment and have managed to save several companies thousand of dollars by postponing their costly upgrades to new equipment.

Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Program

Are you tracking your cycle counts and being productive? OEM’s suggest a PM to be performed every 250K cycle to avoid failures and downtime.

The K+S PM Process:

  1. Disassemble and clean
  2. Inspect all internal components for wear
  3. Apply new grease
  4. Reassemble
  5. Velocity test
  6. Torque Test
  7. Tool Rundown: 15 times at 80% and 10 times at 100%
  8. Calibration

K+S Services’ quality, certifications and speedy service are the keys to success along with significant savings. We encourage you to please send us your tools and controllers in for repair to experience positive results.