ABB Repair

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We Do More Than Just Repair

ABB Repair

ABB provides heavy electrical equipment and robotics components to companies around the world, and their parts are known to be reliable. If your operation utilizes ABB products and parts, there is no need to pay for the costs of overseas shipping, especially if you are ordering some heavy machinery.

Here at K+S Services we have an extensive inventory of many of the robotics and components from ABB that you have come to trust and rely on. But we go above and beyond simply being another one of the ABB parts suppliers.

If any of your parts from ABB have stopped functioning as they should be, or have just become worn through excessive use, we will diagnose and repair them so they are as good as new.

Huge Inventory of ABB Products

We service a variety of different industries, and as such, we try to keep an up-to-date stock that includes all of the ABB products that you need. One of the most sought-after modules we carry is the DSQC-236G. The 3HAB2220-1 makes for an excellent memory expansion board.

If you are looking for an amplifier, we are pleased to offer the 3HAA3563-AUA/1 at a very affordable price. We even carry teach pendants such as the 3HAC028357-001. You will also find panel units, amplifiers and more when you peruse our inventory.

Going Beyond Repair

ABB Products

“Repairing” can be a dubious term when it comes to robotic components. Someone can repair a part to the point that functionality has been restored, but who is to say when it will stop working again? When you bring your ABB products into K+S Services, we perform a complete diagnostic test to evaluate every piece of the system.

We go beyond working to make things functional again because we will find the elements that are worn and about to fail and replace those as well. All of this happens within our Robot Test Cell that utilizes over 50 robotic controller systems and manipulators to effectively analyze every aspect of your part in both a closed-loop and functional environment.

The result is a completely refurbished part that will last you for a long time to come.

Your Destination for Teach Pendant Repair

We are proud to offer repair services that are fully ISO certified. We are capable of repairing almost any kind of teach pendant, including the E3HAC028357-001, 3HNE07665-1, 3HNE00313-1, 3HAC023195-001, 3HAB2136-1/2 and more. Our process of refurbishing a teach pendant involves replacing any worn, frayed, damaged or cut cables.

We will check the device for contaminants and any weld slag exposure, and make sure it is fully cleaned and any damaged components are refitted or replaced. We will check for any abrasions or dislodged components that could have been knocked around if the device was hit or dropped, and switch them out.

With how much you use your teach pendant on a day-to-day basis, we understand how important it is to get it working again promptly, and when you send it to us, we will ensure it gets fixed up and returned to you in the shortest possible amount of time, while still ensuring it goes through our complete repair process.

Experts in Industrial Robotics

You can count on K+S Services to help you whenever you need an expert in industrial repair. Beyond what you have read above, we can also help with engineering services, storeroom management, motor and critical spares management, automation repair and more.

We have helped clients in such industries like steel, simulation, paper, plastic injection, construction, aerospace and automotive. Call 800-542-1331 to talk to one of our trained representatives today for a quote tailored to your specific situation.

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