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star hydraulics repairKeep your hydraulic system operating at peak efficiency with comprehensive parts replacement and repair solutions. If you need Star Hydraulics repair services for your manufacturing plant or other business, discover how K+S Services can offer you turn-key solutions. As an authorized service center and distributor of Star Hydraulics, we thoroughly understand these innovative systems.

Our ISO-certified team is a leader in industrial repair services on a global scale. From automotive and aerospace to steel and plastic injection, we serve leading companies in a range of industries with time-tested performance. Choose a service provider who will inspect, repair, replace and test your hydraulic system for precision performance.

Comprehensive Star Hydraulics Parts Catalog

Star Hydraulics offers a range of innovative pumps, jacks and cylinders designed to power your industrial machinery. These durable systems can withstand extreme pressures and heavy use. However, even the latest in hydraulic technology can still fail. When your hydraulic system springs a leak, cracks a jack or experiences any other performance issue, you need an exact replacement part. We repair Star Hydraulics servo valves, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, lift jacks and more. Some of the specific Star Hydraulic parts we service include:

Servo Valves
Star 454
Star 455
Star 500
Star 552
Star 890


Search our Star Hydraulics Parts Inventory

Star Hydraulics partsAs Star Hydraulics and other leading hydraulic manufacturers continue to innovate, many useful systems become obsolete. If you’re happy with the functioning of your current system, but can’t find outdated parts, our inventory has a wide range of current and obsolete parts to repair your system.

You’ll find genuine Star Hydraulics cylinders, valves, hydraulic lines and seals for a perfect fit. You won’t have to be concerned with third-party replacements that underperform. If you want genuine Star Hydraulics components, we’ll work with you to find the components you need.

Innovative Star Hydraulics Repair Solutions

Because of the wide variety of uses for industrial hydraulic systems, you need a repair team that understands your particular industry. Our team is experienced with testing industry servo valve repair, as well as a range of other comprehensive repair solutions.

Part of our ROV repair service includes servo valve repairs that are designed to quickly restore your ROV to full performance. Whether you need a brand-new Star Hydraulics valve or a full repair service for your current valve, trust our team to provide you with a restored system.

We can offer both static and dynamic testing of any servo valve with an innovative servo repair lab. As an authorized service center, we can ensure your Star Hydraulics servo valves meet OEM standards and specifications for a fully restored system.

Turn-Key Services

Star Hydraulics servo valveOur commitment to turn-key services includes everything from evaluation to quality control and testing. At every step, our ISO-certified technicians will work with you to ensure you receive your hydraulic components in an accelerated timeline and receive personalized care. You won’t have to contact separate repair services, parts stores and warehouses, but will speak with a single, knowledgeable technician to receive turn-key support.

We partner with Star Hydraulics to offer authorized distribution and servicing of any hydraulic component you may use. Our team doesn’t charge evaluation fees, so you can understand the scope of the repair solution before financially committing.

After an estimate, we’ll begin comprehensive removal, repair and replacement services. Whether you purchase a brand-new full hydraulic system or simply service your current system, K+S Services will help you minimize downtime and get your machinery quickly running again.

Request a Quote

Request a quote today for your Star Hydraulics parts or repair services. Our commitment to global repair solutions can offer you industry-leading repair services designed for your specific industry and equipment. Learn how you can receive timely repairs of your hydraulic system. From the latest models to obsolete equipment, we can help you restore your plant and keep your company offering world-class products and services.

Star Moog Ultra Pegasus Atchley Vickers Herion Rexroth Abex Tss LHC Parker
For more information on our capabilities contact us toll free at: 1-800-542-1331 OR e-mail us at:
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454 776 4653-xxx-000 121 208A       410 213F 951  
77-1 4553-xxx-000   209              
455 77-2 4552-xxx-000 132A 207 SM4-10     415 214F 952  
772 4655-xxx-000   211A              
456 77-5 4657-xxx-000 130A 218 SM4-15       215F    
773 4677-xxx-000 140A
E061   162M 215A SM4-20   4WS2Ex10A     D0490 BD15
62 4551-xxx-000 HDSV2DH    
73 4661-xxx-000 HDSV3DE   304F
76 4658-xxx-000 HDSV3DI   403F
558 G761                    
590   4659-xxx-000                  
592   4689-xxx-000                  
650 62 4683-xxx-200                 BD15
1650 631 4684         4WS2Ex10   300F    
750       225       425 216F    
890 72 4550-xxx-000 1281A 261   HDSV2DH   450 504F D230  
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