KUKA Teach Pendant Repair

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Anyone involved in robot maintenance knows all too well that the most used and abused component in the systems is the Teach Pendant. They get dropped, hit, exposed to weld slag and other contaminants. The cables get cut, damaged, frayed and generally worn out.

Many repair facilities will replace defective components, clean the pendant a little, and maybe perform a bench test. At K+S, we don’t just repair your teach pendant, we completely refurbish it! Below is a list of KUKA Model Numbers that we repair!

  • 00-131-239
  • 00-168-334
  • 00-261-801
  • KCP2

  • KCP2-00-130-547
  • KCP2-00-114-265
  • KCP2-00-114-266

KUKA Teach Pendant Repair: Before and After

 KUKA Teach Pendant Repair





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