How Automation Repair Restores Essential Components

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Across many industries and professions, automation has revolutionized the way work processes are completed. This method removes the chance of human error and makes for a more efficient, predictable process overall, which is why it’s become the standard in manufacturing and production. However, when components break down or cease functioning, quality automation repair is a must, and that’s exactly what K+S Services offers its customers. With repair facilities throughout America and Europe, these skilled technicians will service your components and perform rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards possible. The following information explains their work process and why they are so trusted among their wide range of clients.

What They Service

Automation repair isn’t relegated to one industry or technology. That’s why it’s crucial for your repair tech to be able to address a multitude of component types and categories, such as the following:

  • Servo Motors: Fast and effective servo motor repair is a must to ensure your equipment is up and running again. Your repair tech must also possess the right knowledge when servicing these state-of-the-art components. K+S uses computer-assisted programming to test operation once repairs have been made to ensure servo motors are operational.
  • CNC Controllers: CNC controllers are a staple of many machine shops, and these components can be highly complex. K+S can repair and test memory components, processors, communications equipment, and I/O interface, among many other components. 
  • Servo Valves: Servo valves are a vital component in hydraulic mechanisms. Servo valve repair from K+S entails static and dynamic testing, as well as a 12 Month In-Service Warranty. If the valve isn’t able to be repaired, they’ll even find you an affordable replacement.
  • Electronic Components: ISO-certification ensures you can trust that all repairs will be performed with quality in mind. These techs repair and test a variety of electronic components, including power supplies, temperature controls, encoders, and amplifiers. They also service DC torque tools, displays, and robot controllers.

What You Can Expect

Along with a variety of repair capabilities, you can also expect all work to be performed to the highest standard possible. Training is key in this respect, and all technicians with K+S undergo continued training to ensure they remain on the cutting edge when it comes to automation. Training covers both the repairs and testing portions of service, and many of these techs have experience with the original equipment manufacturers of the products they’re working on.

They also utilize closed loop system testing for the most accurate results. This simulates the exact environment the component will be used in, which is crucial to ensure repairs were performed correctly. Load testing also adheres exactly to manufacturer’s specifications. In many cases, these repairs will allow your components to exceed standards to ensure an efficient process, no matter your specific working environment.

One testing is complete, you’ll receive documentation of every step of the repair process. Reports include detailed information that drills down into each repair component. In many cases, reports are accompanied by drawings and prints to illustrate just how service was provided. Additionally, all repairs are accompanied by warranties good for a year after service has been completed. This is a result of the quality of K+S’s testing process, which provides assurance that the component is fixed and capable of functioning once again.

How to Get in Touch

If you’re in need of repairs for your essential automation equipment, don’t hesitate to contact K+S Services today. Visit the website to access their convenient online quote form to get started on the process. Also, be sure to check out the complete listing of services offered. Along with automation repair, they also offer asset management, engineering services, upfront engagement, and storeroom data management.