Allen Bradley Obsolete Equipment – CNC’S

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At K+S Services, we specialize in keeping your Obsolete Equipment operational!

Our CNC control lab has dedicated test stands to repair the entire CNC control from the operator interface, spindle drive, power supply, CPU modules and the system I/O cards to either analog or digital.


allen bradley obsolete equipment


Allen Bradley Obsolete CNC’S Include:


Quality is our #1 Goal when providing repairs for our customers. The figures below represent the past five years of K+S’s Allen Bradley electronic and motor repairs warranty percentages:

Number of Repairs:

Electronic: 14,209

Motor: 1,812

Total: 16,021

Warranty Percentages:

Electronics: 1.08%

Motors: 0.88%

Overall: 1.06%




K+S Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified at all locations. Our continued ISO certification ensures that our level of quality is maintained and our efforts for continuous improvement are always expanding.