AC/DC Drive Repair You Can Depend On

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Who can you trust when in search of AC / DC drive repair? With a global presence and more than three decades of experience under our belts, K+S Services provides dependable service that has earned the respect of numerous manufacturers all over the world. 

What makes K+S so different is our willingness to innovate. Not only do we offer AC/DC drive repair, we also ensure your unit is operating at peak efficiency once repairs are complete. We do this by conducting multiple tests, which go above and beyond tests conducted by other electronics repair companies.

K+S Services can repair and test your AC / DC drives to keep your operation up and running. Our repair and preventative maintenance process includes the replacement of high failure components such as Buss capacitors and fans even if they have not yet failed. Buss capacitors as well as any electrolytic capacitors have a definite life span. At K+S, we replace these vulnerable components during the repair process to ensure longevity in operation. Once repaired, the drive is tested closed loop incorporating feedback to verify proper operation. All of our repairs include our 12 month “in service” warranty.

K+S has over 35 years of experience repairing all types of AC/DC frequency and servo drives. We have designed over 100 dedicated test stands to ensure quality repairs. We have also designed a special dynamometer that allows two motors to work against each other. This provides a dynamic load test allowing us to make performance and rating adjustments to exactly the right levels. 

Our Test Systems Include:

  • Allen Bradley 1391 AC Servo Control
  • Allen Bradley 1394 Modular AC Servo
  • Allen Bradley 1394C Servo Control
  • Allen Bradley 1399 DC Servo Control
  • Allen Bradley Kinetix Drive
  • Allen Bradley Powerflex Drive
  • Indramat DSC3.1 Servo Drive
  • Indramat RAC 22.2 Spindle Drive
  • Kollmorgen Test Rig
  • Modicon PLS4 and Model 410 Servo System
  • Moog Brushless AC Servo Drive
  • Moog Servo Controllers and Power Supplies
  • PMI Kollmorgen DC Drive
  • Siemens Simoreg DC Drive System