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kuka repairKUKA industrial robotics have revolutionized manufacturing processes in many industries: automotive, electronics, e-commerce, energy, metalworking, healthcare and consumer goods. Its automation technologies provide the speed and flexibility your enterprise needs to stay competitive and exceed customer expectations. Supporting over 800 manufacturers with a knowledge base of more than 120,000 parts and growing, K+S Services is the logical choice for your KUKA parts repair needs.

Professional KUKA Repair Services

Automation repair is a vital element in the value K+S Services delivers to manufacturing businesses. We support an extensive range of electronics, machining, motors, hydraulics and mechanical equipment. Our professional KUKA repair services encompass refurbishing robotic manufacturing cells as well as the brand’s individual robotic technologies. KUKA repairs include: arc welding, laser welding, machine tool automation, spot welding, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, soldering and teach pendants. Equipment models we repair perform many critical functions:

Robotics: KRC4, KR C2, KCP2, KR5, KRC and KSDLE.

Teach Pendants: 00-131-239, 00-168-334, 00-261-801, KCP2, KCP2-00-130-547, KCP2-00-114-265 and KCP2-00-114-266.


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An Extensive KUKA Product Inventory

Kuka teach pendant repairAt K+S Services, we’re ready to meet your specific production needs. Besides demonstrated excellence in industrial equipment repair, we stock a comprehensive KUKA parts inventory. The KR Quantec is just one example, delivering exceptional flexibility in production environments along with a low cost of ownership. The Quantec’s design integrates streamlined contours and a very small footprint for operation flexibility within robotic cells and systems. Wide working ranges both in front of and behind the machine enhance accessibility in many production applications. Its modular design also uses fewer components than its counterparts, reducing expenses for startup, operation and maintenance.

The KR Agilus is another KUKA standout, supplying solid performance and precision even in confined spaces. With installation capability on floors, walls and ceilings, the Agilus is incredibly versatile. This model’s space-saving design is made possible through its integrated energy supply system and a compact KR C4 controller, combining four controllers into one efficient and durable unit. The KR C4 can withstand extreme cold, humidity and heat and is compatible with many mains voltages and types used all over the world.

Of course, the Quantec and the Agilus are only two models out of an extensive line of KUKA industrial robotic solutions. The KR Cybertech series offers an extensive collection of sub-models for multiple production functions. Both the KR Cybertech and Cybertech nano provides exceptional performance in assembly, palletizing and arc welding. The Cybertech also handles large components and machining, while the nano excels with small components. The ARC and ARC nano are ideal for continuous path applications requiring unwavering accuracies such as arc welding and the application of adhesives and sealants.

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Our Certified Repair Process

Using our unique Certified Process, K+S Services delivers superior quality automation repairs performed by a team of trained and highly experienced technicians. Our process is streamlined and simple, yet it’s sophisticated and rigorous. All Certified Repairs are backed by K+S Services’ 12-month bumper-to-bumper in-service warranty. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Registered at all K+S locations.

Four key components work together to ensure that the quality of your repairs equals your production environment. Our technicians undergo continuous training, becoming subject matter experts in the composition, operation, testing, and repair. We only use OEM or equivalent parts specifically engineered for proprietary or obsolete equipment. All industrial automation repairs are tested under load and using closed-loop systems to confirm that components are correctly repaired and meet or exceed OEM specs. Finally, we provide extensive documentation with your finished repairs, including drawings, prints, explicit repair procedure reports.

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With more than 30 years of providing quality industrial repairs, K+S Services is your go-to professionals for effective solutions and efficient service. Request a quote for your KUKA parts repairs by completing our online form or call us toll-free at (800) 542-1331.

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