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Certified Repair Process

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All Certified Repairs are backed by the K+S Services 12 month “bumper to bumper” in service warranty.
ISO 9001: 2015 Registered

To ensure the quality of your repair matches your specific production environment, K+S regularly maintains and updates all of the test stands to keep up with top industry standards. As part of our rigorous industrial repair service and automation repair testing standards, K+S services provides our clients with a 12 month in-service warranty on all of our repairs. A test report is included with each K+S repair to show how the unit performed during its closed loop system test.

In addition to our state of the art testing procedures, K+S provides a repair & test report with each repair showing what failed, what we required to fix it, preventative maintenance done to ensure longevity of life, how it was tested and how it performed that test. Failure analysis reports are also provided for evaluated repairs at time of quote, showing you what is wrong as well as what is required to remanufacture the unit back to meet or excel OEM standards. These key reports assist your maintenance teams drive to the root cause of failure.

All K+S repairs are certified with the following credentials:

  • Factory Trained and Certified Technicians – Our automation repair technicians undergo continuous training in the field of their expertise. Not only are they intimately familiar with the components they repair, they are also experts in operating the systems used to test their work. Often times they are trained directly by the OEM.
  • System Testing – Every repair must be tested under load to meet or exceed the specifications set by the OEM. K+S utilizes closed loop system testing to simulate how they will be used in a plant environment and to ensure that the parts have been required correctly.
  • Available Parts – K+S only uses new OEM or equivalent parts. Our staff of engineers will design replacement parts in the case of propriety or obsolete equipment.
  • Documentation – Everything we do is documented. From drawings, prints and operating manuals of your equipment, right down to detailed industrial equipment repair procedures. We have the information to back what we say we do. Every Certified Repair includes a repair report telling you what we did and how it was tested!
  • 1. Receiving

    All parts received for repair are removed from their packaging, logged into our repair order tracking system and photographed. Our system then captures all technical, order specific and customer related information to ensure we completely understand the extent of the repair. An internal tracking barcode is then placed onto the part so that each individual asset can be tracked throughout the entire repair process.

  • 2. Evaluation

    Once your asset is received and properly tagged it makes it’s way through our evaluation and triage area where our Repair Technicians begin the technical process of evaluating your part to determine the probable cause of failure and identify the proper repair measures and test procedures.

  • 3. Quoting

    After the initial evaluation takes place, our dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives will contact you with our repair quotation for your review and approval. We will also provide a Failure Analysis Report (FAR) for all evaluated repairs, which helps drive to the root cause of failure.

  • 4. Approval

    Upon receiving your approval for repair, our automated Repair Order Tracking System adds the repair into the work chain of the Repair Technician best suited for that type of part.

  • 5. Repair

    Our Repair Order Tracking System links your part to the correct repair and test procedures as well as the associated closed loop test system. K+S Repair Technicians replace failed components as well as all high failure components as per our standard repair procedure. After repair is complete, your asset is tested with the associated closed loop test system for the duration specified on our test procedure.

  • 6. System/Quality Test

    When your repair has been tested for the recommended length of time, our automated Repair Order Tracking System will notify one of our Operations Supervisors who will not only view the part running without fault in its test system, but will also review the Repair and Test Report to ensure all information is valid.

  • 7. Repair & Test Reports

    Each repaired component shipped from K+S comes back to you with a Repair and Test Report listing the following:

    • What problems were identified during the evaluation process
    • All parts repaired or replaced
    • Whether the identified problem matches up with the reported issues while in operation
    • Test details and duration
    • The probable root cause of failure
    • All recommended installation instructions
  • 8. Shipping

    Upon completion of the repair, our automated Repair Order Tracking System notifies our shipping department of any customer specific shipping requirements. All repairs are packed in anti-static bags and protected by insta-pack foam packaging to ensure your deliveries arrive free of shipping damage each and every time.

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