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Variable Frequency Drive Repair Services

When your VFD fails, you could be facing production slowdowns or a complete work stoppage. We are here to help with expert variable frequency drive repair services.

variable frequency drive repair services

You depend on AC induction motors in your equipment to power your operations. In turn, these motors depend on variable frequency drives to manage their speed and direction. stoppage.

When you have a faulty VFD, your first call should be to K+S Services. We provide reliable, comprehensive variable frequency drive repair services that ensure your components are fully refurbished and tested back to OEM specifications.

Our Certified Repair Process

Like our other repair services, our VFD repair go through our ISO 9001:2015 certified process. We ensure that our testing equipment keeps pace with respected industry standards and includes detailed failure and closed-loop system test reports with every repair. Our technicians are continuously trained in their fields of expertise, and we use only new OEM or OEM equivalent parts in every repair. Certified repairs are also backed by our 12-month “bumper-to-bumper” in-service warranty.

Rigorous Methods From Start to Finish

From the moment we receive your component, we undertake rigorous steps to ensure that it’s fully diagnosed, repaired and tested. First, we photograph the part and log it in our repair order tracking system to capture technical, order-specific and customer-related information. We assign an internal barcode and place it on the part to track it as it moves through diagnostics and repair.

The next step in our VFD repair process is evaluating your part to find the root cause of failure. This takes place in our triage area and involves a thorough diagnosis to uncover the problem itself plus any other potential trouble spots. VFD failures can result from dust, oil, moisture and particle buildup along with excessive heat or condensation. We conduct a variety of tests during this phase of our variable frequency drive repair services:

  • Checking connections
  • Diode and IGBT testing
  • Amp reading and outbound frequency tests
  • Attempting to run a sample motor with the VFD

From this diagnosis, our technicians isolate the failure and determine how to repair the issue. It’s also how we generate a failure analysis report and a detailed quote for repair costs.

Repairs, closed-loop testing and documentation are the final steps in our variable frequency drive repair services. To keep your VFD at peak efficiency after it’s returned to you, we not only replace components that have failed, we also replace high failure and age sensitive components that may fall in the future. Our closed-loop testing then replicates how the part will perform in your facility, ensuring that it will stand up to typical operating conditions.

Thorough Documentation of Your Repairs

Once repairs and closed-loop testing are finished, we draft a complete report that’s included with your part when we ship it back to you. One of our highly skilled operations managers will review these reports and observes the part in test, confirming that it runs with no faults in our testing system prior to it shipping. Your final report contains several key details:

vfd drive repair
  • The precise causes of failure
  • Other problems discovered during diagnosis
  • A list of replaced and repaired parts
  • A description of our testing process
  • Detailed reinstallation instructions

To protect your parts from shipping damage, we pack your return shipments in anti-static bags and insta-pack foam where applicable.

VFD Drive Repair

For more than 30 years, K+S Services has provided efficient equipment services and solutions to domestic and international clients. With operations in North America and Europe, we deliver superior-quality industrial repairs and professional engineering services.

Thanks to our full range of repair capabilities, we support over 866 manufacturers and more than 122,000 unique part numbers. From electronic and mechanical components to motors and valves, we’ve got you covered. Request a quote through our online form or call us at (800) 542-1331.

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