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Motoman Robot Parts

Our extensive inventory of OEM replacement Yaskawa Motoman robot parts, as well as our ISO-certified Yaskawa Motoman robot repair technicians, are here to ensure your robotic assembly line is operating at peak efficiency.

motoman robot parts

Comprehensive Motoman Parts Inventory

Restore your high-speed robotics, cutting-edge controllers and full support systems with Yaskawa Motoman robot parts and industrial repair services from K+S Services.

In addition to DC drives, DC motors, servo motors, servo drives, stepper motors and teach pendants, K+S also repairs the complex controller CPU’s and amplifiers oftentimes no longer supported by the OEM.

Servo Motors

Compact, efficient and powerful, these Motoman robot parts power your robot arm or assembly. Compared to other actuators, servo motors offer improved angle, velocity and position control.

Teach Pendants

Teach Pendant Repair Tool

Repair or fill up on your teach pendant stock to make sure you are getting the best out of your manufacturing line. K+S has you covered for all of your Yaskawa Motoman teach pendant repair needs whether they are supported by the OEM or not.

Servo Amplifiers

Drives and amplifiers need to match your existing components for rapid replacement and may be hard to come by if your equipment is obsolete. Search through our Motoman amplifiers to find one that fits your existing automation equipment or start sending yours in for repair today.

Robot Controllers

Operating all axes of your Yaskawa Motoman robots is essential to customization, precision and full utilization of your daily operations, so ask our team about your robot controller repair and refurbishment options.

In-Depth Repair Services

Review our ISO-certified Yaskawa repair services to see how we compare with other industrial repair companies. We’re confident we can restore your equipment with reduced costs on an accelerated schedule.

Testing and Quality Control

After rebuilding a motor, teach pendant or other robot part, we put it through rigorous testing to remain at the forefront of quality control in robot repair services.

Yaskawa Robot Repair

You can’t always predict when you will require Yaskawa repair or maintenance. K+S Services offers emergency repair service which, combined with our extensive inventory, can dramatically reduce your expected downtime. Contact K+S today for more details.

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