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Industrial Motor Repair

From a single servo motor to a facility-wide AC/DC motor repair and servicing project, our experienced industrial motor repair technicians can help you keep your equipment maintained and efficient.

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It takes highly skilled technicians to properly repair and restore industrial manufacturing components. When you need industrial motor repair services, trust K+S Services to get you back to work quickly.

Our experienced technicians and extensive in-house inventory allow us to rapidly repair and return a wide range of motor options. Learn more about the types of motors we repair and the signs that indicate you need our industry-leading services.

Types of Industrial Motors

Today’s industrial companies utilize high-tech equipment that requires factory trained and certified technicians to repair it. Not all industrial motor repair companies have the testing equipment of the experience required to provide quality servo motor repairs. At K+S Services, our skilled staff works with the following types of motors:

  • Robotic servo motors
  • Machine tool servo motors
  • AC and DC motors
  • DC permanent magnet motors
  • Fractional Hp servo motors
  • Spindle motors

We align and test all types of robotic servo motors to ensure optimal functioning for all axes. Our team offers in-house full rewind services for AC and DC motors. From AC induction motors to large fork truck motors, work with a factory-trained technician for emergency services with rapid turnaround times.

Signs You Need Industrial Motor Repair Services

Watch for signs of inefficient motor operation and don’t hesitate to contact us about industrial motor repair services. Your motor may not completely fail before it’s time to invest in a repair service. Inspect your motor for these premature failure indicators to see how underperforming component may be slowing down your facility:

  • Overheating: A motor that heats up more than normal may have insufficient airflow, phase failure, excessive load, excessive wear to bearings, etc. These issues cause the motor to work harder than necessary to keep up with standard operating speeds, causing it to burn out faster.
  • Extreme vibrations: More vibration than normal can be caused by failed bearings, loose fittings, pr misalignment. Over time, this creates additional wear inside your motor and causes it to fail faster. Stop and contact one of our repair facilities immediately to prevent major damage that may cause the motor to be unrepairbale.

Benefits of Choosing K+S Services

From initial inspection where a complete Failure Analysis Report is created to the final testing where a test report is completed, our industrial motor repair shops are at the forefront of the industry. There are many benefits of choosing K+S Services for your AC / DC / Servo / Spindle motor repair needs.

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With over 35 years of repair experience, our technicians are equipped with the training and resources necessary to handle a broad range of spindle and servo motors. This training helps us to quickly and accurately diagnose any repair issue for reduced downtime and cost.

We are proud to carry a wide range of parts in our inventory, with over 122,000 parts from more than 866 manufacturers. This extensive inventory reduces the risk of delayed repairs caused by backorder parts. We carry obsolete and state-of-the-art components to keep your manufacturing facility working efficiently.

Industrial motor repairs are just a single portion of what we do. At K+S Services, we offer full-service industrial repairs for your equipment. Work with us to service your motors, spindles, valves, electronics and other industrial components.

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