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Fanuc Servo Amplifier Repair

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fanuc servo amplifier repair

Intricate industrial robotics parts require specialized repair solutions. At K+S Services, we provide all customers with efficient, affordable Fanuc repair services. Our technicians have the experience necessary to provide the Fanuc servo amplifier repair and Fanuc AC servo motor repair services you need.

Fanuc servo amplifiers are most often used to power electric servomechanisms but they may serve other purposes as well. Beyond servo motor controls, Fanuc amplifiers can also be used with stepper, induction and linear motion controls.

Fanuc amplifier configurations typically come in industry-standard interfaces and they can be customized to support specific customer requirements, too. If you require an amplifier with low-inertia or high-speed capabilities, Fanuc has an application that will work for you.

No matter the application or configuration, K+S Services can provide you with expert Fanuc servo amplifier repair services. In most cases, your amplifier will be returned to you in proper working condition within a week. We also offer expediting options to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Fanuc AC Servo Motor Repair

fanuc ac servo motor repair

If you need an emergency repair service of your Fanuc servo motor, whether it is from an assembly operation or a machine tool application, K+S Services can assist you. We service many different types of servo and spindle motors and our technicians specialize in the intricate electronic capabilities required for testing the motors feedback equipment.

All of the equipment and processes used in our repair facilities utilize the newest technologies. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to provide quality Fanuc servo motor repair services.

After the repair process is complete, our test engineers use computer-assisted technologies to verify each motor has been restored back to OEM specifications. Every repair is shipped back to the customer with a printed record of the servo motor’s performance after all repairs and testing have been completed.

Fanuc Replacement Parts

In addition to selling and repairing servo amplifiers and servo motors, K+S sells a wide variety of Fanuc CNC and Robotic parts. These parts include all varieties of drives, controls, teach pendants and peripheral electronics.

Whether you need a refurbished or new component to complete your robotic integration project or you wish to upgrade a current machine to meet new manufacturing requirements, our spare parts division can help you. All of our spare parts are tested using the same rigorous methods by expertly trained technicians and all parts come with a warranty to guarantee functionality.

Productivity and Efficiency

Fanuc manufactures many different types of industrial robotics for a wide variety of applications. Fanuc products are preferred by many industrial business owners. Products are easy to maneuver, are customizable depending on customer requirements and can be integrated to work with many different processes.

Automation can be difficult to implement, but it makes the manufacturing process simple once the process is implemented and Fanuc products are at the forefront. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased manufacturing lead time
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced manual task
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Enhanced product quality

Because Fanuc offers the world’s leading products for factory automation and industrial robotics, it is worthwhile to repair obsolete or worn products. By doing so, you can save time, money and reduce industrial waste.

Contact a specialist at K+S services today to find out more about our Fanuc repair services.

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