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atlas copcoYour Place for Recertified Atlas Copco & GSE Tech-Motive DC Tools & Repairs. Founded over 20 years ago, K+S Systems specializes in providing ISO-certified repairs and calibrations for DC torque tools. We also sell high-quality, recertified electric torque tools from brands like Atlas Copco and GSE Tech-Motive that are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Recertified Atlas Copco and GSE Tech-Motive DC Tools

Maximize your investment with our comprehensive line of recertified assembly tools from Atlas Copco and GSE Tech-Motive. Some of the recertified electric assembly tools in our inventory include:

  • ETP ST32-05-I06 (DC Pistol; Compatible With ST Series)
  • ETP S4-04-I06 (DC Pistol; Compatible With S4 Series)
  • ETP S4-10-I06CTADS (DC Pistol Grip Nutrunner)

We also carry a wide array of DC Controllers. In addition to selling recertified Atlas Copco products and GSE Tech-Motive products, we can also remanufacture obsolete or discontinued products to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Call us today to learn more, and be sure to ask us about our convenient service/tool exchange program!

Design Consultations & Rapid Prototyping

As previously mentioned, we can remanufacture a wide variety of obsolete tools and create custom part holding designs. With our rapid prototyping services, we can even send you models within hours. If you have any Atlas Copco parts in mind, please contact us today to request a design consultation and quote.

Emergency Repairs

If you’ve noticed moisture in your Atlas Copco DC tools or other signs of damage, including rust/corrosion, stalling, and/or a decline in overall performance, contact K+S Systems to request emergency repair services. We strive to provide quick turnaround times, no matter the size of the issue. Although we’re based in Ohio, we help clients around the United States and globe. Our technicians are ISO-certified, OEM-trained, and ready to find your solution.

Our Repair Process

We start every Atlas Copco repair process with a thorough (and free) evaluation, where we disassemble your tool in a clean, contaminant-free environment. After our evaluation, we’ll send you a Failure Analysis Report that includes the issues we found, the potential causes of the issue, an estimated repair timeline, and a no-obligation quote. Once you accept the quote, we’ll get to work. After any repairs are done, we’ll create a comprehensive report that includes the complete details of the repair job. To ensure quality and accuracy, we’ll also inspect and test the tool before we send it to you.

ISO 17025-Accredited Calibration & Testing

Our technicians are highly skilled, trained, and certified to perform ISO 17025-accredited calibration services on-site. If your plant is required to stay ISO 17025 compliant, it’s important that you work with an accredited facility like us. Because we hold and maintain our ISO 17025 accreditation, you’re guaranteed accuracy/precision and quality. If you have Atlas Copco electric tools that need calibrated, contact us today to get started with a quote.

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List of Atlas Copco Tools That We Repair & Calibrate

DC Controllers/Signal Conditioners
  • CSS91
  • Power Focus 2101
  • Power Focus 3000/310
  • Power Focus SL/DL
  • Power Mac TC52/54
  • Power Mac 4000
  • ACTA 3000
  • ACTA 4000
DC & Pneumatic Tools
  • 462 Series
  • 422 Series
  • 482 Series
  • Tensor S Series (4, 7, 9), Configuration Family: ETV, ETD, ETP, ETF, ETC, ETO, & HAD
  • STB Series (32, 33, 36)
  • Tensor ST Series (31, 32, 61, 81, 101), Configuration Family: ETV, ETD, ETP, ETF, ETC, ETP, & HAD
  • QMR Series (42, 55, 62, 90)
  • QMX Series (42, 50, 62, 80)
  • DS Series (4, 7, 9), Configuration Family: ETV, ETD, & ETP
  • QST Series (34, 42, 50, 62, 80, 90, 95)
  • SL Series (21), Configuration Family: ETV, ETD, & ETP)
  • STR Series (21, 61), Configuration Family: ETV, ETD, & ETP
  • ETX Series (42, 50, 62, 72, 90)

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