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Allen Bradley Servo Repair

Our expert technicians specialize in Allen Bradley servo repair, Allen Bradley drive repair and more.

allen bradley servo repair

Over time, your essential electronic components wear out and must be repaired or replaced. This is especially true if your company prides itself on producing at a high volume with little unplanned downtime. K+S Services provides expert Allen Bradley repair services including servo motor repair, servo drive repair, ac drive repair, dc drive repair and more.

With over 40 years of experience repairing a wide variety of Allen Bradley products such as servo motors, servo drives, servo amp modules, plc’s, panelviews, power supplies, and controllers, we are proud to have established a global presence when it comes to quality repairs and refurbished equipment.

ISO Certified Allen Bradley Repair

K+S Services’ ISO certified repair facilities have the capabilities to repair and test servo equipment utilizing servo drive test modules, providing full communications tests with the potential to simulate an extensive range of real world applications. We have also designed a special test protocol that includes more than 100 dedicated test options and a special dynamometer that works two motors against each other to operate each repair under full load.

In addition to our Allen Bradley testing and repair services, We also carry an extensive inventory of Allen Bradley parts. Some of the specific parts we repair and may have in stock include:

DRIVES: Series 9, Powerflex, Ultra 3000, 1305, 1326, 1336, 1388 DC Servo Control System, 1391 AC Servo Control System, 1394 Modular AC Servo System, 1391 AC Servo Control System, 1392, 1394 Modular AC Servo System, 1394C, 1398, 1606, 1794, 2094, 2098, 20AB, 20AC, 20AD, 20BD and Kinetix Drive System.

PLCs: 1745, 1746, 1747, 1756, 1761, 1762, 1769, 1771, 1772, 1785, and 1791.

TERMINALS: 2711, and 6181P.

CNC: 8000, and 8510.


CONTROLLERS: SLC 500, ABB IRB 6400 M97A S4C Robot Controller.

Allen Bradley Drive Repair Experts

allen bradley drive repair

Regardless of the type of Allen Bradley repair you need, you can count on K+S Services to do your repairs thoroughly, expertly, and in a timely manner.

K+S Services’s certified repairs are backed by our 12-month “bumper to bumper” in-service warranty.

Eight-Step Repair Process

Our unique repair process consists of the following eight steps:

  1. Receiving – When we receive your part, we photograph it and log it into our repair order tracking system, capturing all technical, order-specific, and customer information.
  2. Evaluation – Next our repair technicians evaluate your part in our triage area, identifying the probable caused of failure and what repairs must be performed.
  3. Quoting – After this initial inspection and evaluation, you will receive feedback from one of our dedicated customer service representatives who will give you not only our repair quotation but also our Failure Analysis Report.
  4. Approval – The ball now shifts to your court so you can review and approve our repair quotation. Once you do, we add your part to our Repair Order Tracking System so you can track the progress of your order yourself.
  5. Repair – Your part now proceeds to our highly trained repair technicians for repair or replacement of all your part’s failed components, testing afterward with the associated closed-loop test system.
  6. System/Quality test – One of our operations supervisors now comes on the scene to not only view your part working without fault but also to review its Repair and Test Report.
  7. Repair and Test Reports – We don’t keep our Repair and Test Reports to ourselves. We send copies of them to you and they are available to you at any time online.
  8. Shipping – Your repaired part now goes to our shipping department where we pack it in anti-static bags and further protect it with insta-pack foam packing.

You can expect your comprehensive Repair and Test Report to contain the following:

  • The problems K+S Services identified with your part during our evaluation process
  • The components we repaired and/or replaced
  • An analysis of the way in which the problems we identified matched up with the issues we observed during your part’s operation
  • Details of your part’s test and its duration
  • Our assessment of the probable root cause of your part’s failure
  • Our complete recommended installation instructions you should follow when reinstalling your repaired part

At K+S Services, we know what to do when you trust us with your Allen Bradley servo repair and we do it thoroughly and systematically. So the next time one or more of your Allen Bradley drives stops working properly, give us a call at 800-542-1331 or fill out and submit our convenient “Request a Quote” form.

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