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Allen Bradley Drives

K+S supports a wide variety of Allen Bradley drives and Allen Bradley VFDs in our inventory. We also repair and refurbish Allen Bradley parts and products.

allen bradley drives

Inverter drives, also called variable-frequency drives, are important elements of electromechanical systems that control the motor speed and torque of AC motors. Allen Bradley makes some of the best products in the business.

They are counted on by numerous organizations for various industrial and commercial applications. At K+S Services, we are proud to sell, repair and refurbish an extensive selection of Allen Bradley servo drives and VFDs.

Allen Bradley VFDs

The Allen Bradley line of PowerFlex drives offer a variety of options for control modes, voltages, ratings and features. They provide an excellent balance between flexibility, performance and cost-effectiveness.

VFDs can play a critical role in almost any electromechanical drive system. So, you want to select a part that you can count on. These are two main families of Allen Bradley VFDs:

  • Architecture Class: This is a general-purpose group of products intended for a broad range of applications. They provide time- and cost-saving benefits packaged into a small design that optimizes panel space and versatility. At K+S Services, we carry the PowerFlex 70 and 700 from the architecture class.
  • Compact Class: This class is designed to deliver a cost-effective and simple solution for machine-level control applications. These drives also provide space-saving design and maximum versatility. In the K+S Services catalog, you will find the PowerFlex 4 and 40 models from the compact class.

Some of the specific Allen Bradley drives we typically carry in our inventory include:

DRIVES: Series 9, Powerflex, Ultra 3000, 1305, 1326, 1336, 1388 DC Servo Control System, 1391 AC Servo Control System, 1394 Modular AC Servo System, 1391 AC Servo Control System, 1392, 1394 Modular AC Servo System, 1394C, 1398, 1606, 1794, 2094, 2098, 20AB, 20AC, 20AD, 20BD and Kinetix Drive System.

The Benefits of Allen Bradley Drives

allen bradley vfd

Using a variable-frequency drive in your electromechanical system provides a level of control that may not otherwise be available. This can deliver some significant advantages.

If you want to have ultimate versatility and performance from your system, choose an Allen Bradley VFD. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Improved Efficiency: Compared to fixed-speed motors, those using VFDs can have substantial energy savings and more efficient operation. Significantly, the correlation between motor speed and energy consumption is often non-linear. So, running at 50% speed will usually use less than half the max-speed energy.
  • Greater Control: With an Allen Bradley inverter drive, your system can have significantly more control over the AC motors. This means that its uses can be more complex and varied. Sometimes, you need less than full speed and torque. While there are other options for motor control, VFDs are among the best.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: As a function of that increased control and more efficient energy usage, motors often experienced reduced wear and tear due to having a VFD. Simply put, being run at full power all the time is hard on parts.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Allen Bradley PowerFlex parts are designed for cost-effectiveness. They are reasonably priced and have affordable long-term costs. You can extract even more value from your purchase by working with K+S Services to maintain your drives.

Compact, Flexible Design: Both the architecture and compact classes offer small sizes. You can find a model that will fit into your exact specifications. You may be surprised by how much utility you can get from such small units.

Allen Bradley Parts and Services

In addition to selling Allen Bradley products, K+S Services also supplies a full selection of Allen Bradley parts. Additionally, we offer Allen Bradley repair and remanufacturing services. Although the products are cost-effective solutions, you can increase the value of your parts significantly with proper maintenance.

Sometimes mechanical component break. You need the help of experienced technicians to keep your electromechanical components in the best working order.

We offer a full range of repair capabilities cover more than 866 manufacturers. Additionally, we support more than 122,000 unique parts. So, even if your problem is broader than your Allen Bradley VFD, we have you covered.

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