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ABB Robot Repair

K+S carries a wide variety of ABB robot parts in our inventory. We also repair and remanufacture hundreds of different ABB parts and products.

ABB robot repair

At K+S Services, we have built our reputation over nearly four decades as leaders in providing service solutions for industrial electronics, precision machining, robotics, drives, valves, pumps and motors.

So, when it comes to repairs for industrial robots, including ABB robot repair, we have the skilled staff, the right equipment and parts inventory to deliver results.

ABB Robotics Leadership

As a foremost manufacturer of industrial robots, ABB’s products are designed to improve productivity, product quality and worker safety.

We have extensive experience with ABB repair and have seen what can happen to components over time. You can rely on our experience to keep you operating at peak efficiency no matter how antiquated your ABB equipment is.

Robot Wrist Repairs

Although ABB parts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, components such as robot wrists, which bend and twist to allow the end effector to move into position, are subject to failure from wear. Complete ABB robot repair of that essential component should always include a fault diagnosis.

abb robot parts

Our experience has shown that the most common causes of robot wrist failure include:

  • Bearing wear
  • Overheating
  • Under lubrication
  • Head mounts
  • Worn shafts and servo motors
  • Seals and brakes contamination

IRC5 Robot Controller

We have the ability to fully test and repair key components under the ABB IRC5 Robot Controller Series. ABB notes that the IRC5 series “automatically optimizes robot performance by reducing cycle times and provides precise path accuracy.” Robot motion is predictable and efficient, with no programmer tuning needed.

Among the assemblies and components we test during ABB robot repair of the IRC5 series include:

  • Flex teach pendant
  • Main servo drive
  • Rectifier unit
  • Serial measurement board (SMB)
  • Capacitor unit
  • Drive Power Supply

Teach Pendant Repairs

The most common failure item we encounter is the teach pendant. These are a critical component that allows the operator to program the specific tasks a robot is to follow during assembly, packaging or other operation. Teach pendants can feature cable connectors or operate wirelessly.

While not intentional, damage to an ABB parts teach pendant can come from being dropped, crushed, burned, contaminated, or just plain neglected. Whatever the cause, our comprehensive repair will ensure this vital component can continue to provide reliable service and will be covered by our best in class 12-month in-service warranty.

Robot Repair Center

We provide a complete refurbishment of your teach pendant. It includes a thorough inspection and diagnosis of the unit and replacing any or all of the following as needed:

  • Front and rear cases
  • Touch screen, LCD or other display type
  • Emergency-stop switch
  • Dead-man switch
  • Hand straps
  • Cables and connectors
  • Protective overlay
  • Control board

Following the repair, the teach pendant is put through a rigorous test cycle, including connection to one of our on-site test robot systems.

Once we are satisfied the unit is fully functional, it is returned to you ready to get back to work. Such a thorough repair process takes time, typically 3-7 days, however emergency quick-turn repairs are available.

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