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Fanuc repairAt K+S Services, we offer a wide variety of remanufactured FANUC components. Each component is thoroughly refurbished, tested and we provide a one-year, peace-of-mind warranty to ensure quality and reliability. From teach pendants to industrial PCs to operator interfaces, we have everything you need.

Read on to learn more about our refurbishment process, or contact us today to get started with a quote.

Thorough FANUC Robotic Part EvaluationFanuc robot repair

As an ISO-certified facility, we adhere to strict quality standards for FANUC repairs and replacements. This ensures all refurbishment and repaired parts will perform properly in your production environment.

When you turn to us for replacement parts, we always begin the process with a thorough evaluation. Once we receive your FANUC parts, our factory-trained technicians will closely inspect your parts to determine the cause of failure. Then, we will log our findings in our tracking system, which ensures that any replacements and repairs are conducted efficiently.

Failure Analysis Report

All mechanical FANUC components are thoroughly evaluated and a Failure Analysis Report (FAR) is generated at the time of quote. This report includes the types of repairs or replacements that are necessary, a timeline, and the total cost. Please note that we will never replace or repair any parts until we’ve received your approval. Regardless of the issue, we always strive to find a solution that’s most cost-efficient for you.

Ready-to-Ship Replacement FANUC Robotic Parts

On certain occasions, it is more cost-effective to replace than to repair. Whether your FANUC parts are damaged beyond repair or you are running on a strict deadline, we provide ready-to-ship replacements, so you never have to worry about falling behind schedule.

Our ready to ship stock of remanufactured parts include servo drives and motors, teach pendants, AC/DC drives, display interfaces, and more. All replacement FANUC robot parts are backed by a one-year warranty. Our top priority is ensuring we’re delivering quality work every time.

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FANUC Repair Services

Our technicians at K+S are capable of performing a wide variety of ISO-certified FANUC robot repairs, including teach pendant repairs, servo amplifier and motor repairs, and even robotic wrist repairs. It is also important to note that our technicians are OEM-trained, which is essential because robotic technology varies from brand to brand.Fanuc servo amplifier repair

If you’re not sure whether you need repairs or replacement FANUC parts, you can count on us. In our detailed report, you’ll know exactly what’s needed to get your FANUC robot up and running again.

Quality Testing

Whether we’re processing repairs or replacements, you can rest assured that any refurbished and/or repaired parts meet and exceed specifications and requirements set by both the OEM and the International Organization for Standardization. Before we ship your parts back to you, we’ll test them in our closed-loop system; this system allows us to simulate how the new parts will function in your specific environment.


When we ship your parts back to you, we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive repair and test report that includes:

  • Job Details
  • Identified Problems During Initial Evaluation & Operation
  • The Cause of Failure
  • Installation Instructions
  • List of Parts That Were Repaired or Replaced
  • Final Testing Details & Duration of Test

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