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As your electric motor ages, the coils can break down and become compromised. Shorted, grounded or damaged coils reduce the efficiency of your electric motor until it fails altogether. As part of your routine maintenance, it is important to work with an EASA accredited electric motor rewinding shop with extensive in-house capabilities. Rewinding a motor uses these basic steps:

  1. Data recording
  2. Winding removal
  3. Cleaning and painting the stator
  4. Coil production and installation
  5. Lacing installation
  6. Curing and testing

Data recording involves carefully cataloging the current setup of your motor and recording any damage that may be present. Next, the faulty winding is carefully removed in order to replace it. A media blaster or other specialized tools are used to clean the rest of the windings and remove any unwanted debris.

The stator and other components need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent contamination from reducing the efficiency of your electric motor. Once cleaned, a repair technician applies insulation paint and installs liner insulation to prevent contact between the core and coils.

Depending on the type of electric motor and the scope of the repair service, all of these steps may not be needed or may be in different orders. There are many other electric motor components that can wear out or become damaged over time, so a thorough servicing may require additional steps.

Signs Your Motor Needs Service

There are three basic signs that your motor needs servicing. Look for these signs before contacting a repair professional:

  1. Physical damage
  2. Insulation resistance
  3. Reduced resistance

Some types of physical damage include overheating, excessive vibrations, electrical overload and moisture issues. These are all signs that you need motor repair services that potentially includes a rewind. If your maintenance team is not experienced with this particular repair process or does not have the necessary equipment, it can take them significantly longer and can increase the risk of damaging the motor beyond the point of repair.

If you are considering working with an electric motor rewinding shop, learn to spot these signs of wear. Some instances of wear may be difficult to spot, so consider working with a reliable service provider to create a routine preventative maintenance schedule to ensure peak efficiency from your equipment.

The K+S Services Process

At K+S Services, we have over 35 years of successful repairs in a variety of industries. Our factory trained and certified technicians use the latest tools and extensive inventory of obsolete and up-to-date parts to reduce downtime and provide you with a fully restored motor. Our goal is OEM or better performance, and our rewinding service is just one part of our top-tier Servo and AC/DC motor repair services.

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Request a quote today to learn how our premier electric motor rewinding shop can restore your equipment and keep your factory from incurring unplanned downtime. Choose K+S Services is for all your industrial repair and maintenance needs.

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