LSIS Repair

lsis repairWhen you choose a leading provider of relays and circuit breakers for your manufacturing facility, you need a reliable repair service. At K+S Services, we understand the comprehensive nature of industrial electronics and offer quality LSIS repair services. Find out how you can restore your industrial equipment and power up your facility.

Confident LSIS Repair Services

Bring your system back up to its full potential. Choose a quality LSIS repair service that tackles any electrical issue that may be causing your breakers and relays to work improperly. Without an effective relay, your machinery will grind to a halt and cause significant downtime. Restore your system quickly to reduce the expense of downtime and lost productivity.

When you contact K+S Services, you’ll receive comprehensive repair services that cover all of these essential LSIS parts:

  • Variable frequency drives
  • Contactors and relays
  • Manual motor starters

  • LV circuit breakers
  • Vacuum circuit breakers

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Reliable LSIS Parts

Lsis circuit breakersOur team has access to innovative parts and equipment for your electrical system. Whether you need to replace an LSIS LV circuit breaker, contactor or relay, we offer a wide range of parts for your needs. Part of our commitment to high-quality industrial repairs is a comprehensive inventory on hand at all times. From obsolete equipment repair to the latest vacuum circuit breakers and variable frequency drives, we have the parts you need.

If we don’t have the identical replacement part you need for your system, we can order or substitute it for a similar component. We ensure reliable repair solutions at OEM or better performance, so you don’t have to worry about short cuts or improper materials.

We understand industrial electronics repairs, and are committed to restoring service quickly. If your maintenance team can’t tackle the issue, we have the experience necessary to work with modern or obsolete LSIS components.

One of the difficulties in operating an industrial facility is the rapid innovation that occurs in the industry. Because of dramatic changes in technology, an electronic system that is just a few years old can quickly become obsolete. Instead of replacing your entire system, let us work with your obsolete system to restore its efficiency and save you money.

Similarly, the latest electronics are highly complex and difficult to repair without specialized training. When you don’t have the in-house resources to work with the latest LSIS breakers and variable frequency drives, you need an expert service to handle the installation, repair and maintenance of your electronic equipment.

World-Class Comprehensive Solutions

lsis partsA factory should be a streamlined system with no faults. This doesn’t come with a generic repair service. Instead, choose a world-class service provider who offers turn-key support. Whether you’re purchasing a new product or repairing your old system, we offer diagnostics, parts, repair services and quality control all in one.

Diagnosing an electrical issue can be time-consuming without the proper equipment and expertise. This single step can stall the process and exponentially increase your downtime. Once our team has promptly identified the issue, we use leading parts, from our on-hand inventory if possible, and quality training and repair experience to quickly restore the operation of your electrical system.

Afterward, a series of bench tests ensure your replacement part or complete system is operating at peak efficiency. This step allows us to confidently back our work with a warranty. Discuss our maintenance schedule to take advantage of our preventative maintenance service.

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