Indramat Servo Motor Repair

K+S Services is proud to be a leading provider of Indramat servo motor repair services. Because these types of repairs can be complicated, it’s important to turn to experienced professionals like us. Whether the motor needs a replacement encoder, a full rewind or a simple bearings and seals change., you can trust us to handle jobs both big and small.

Read on to learn more about our Indramat servo motor repair process, and how we can help you.

Indramat Servo Motor Evaluation

When we receive your servo motor in one of our ISO certified repair facilities, we immediately begin our evaluation process. A thorough analysis allows us to determine what the problem is and understand what level Indramat repair is necessary.

Our highly trained technicians will note the reported problem and evaluate the entire motor to see what may be causing the issue. Our specialists will also check to see if any functioning components are on the verge of failure.

We often find that a malfunctioning servo motor has multiple broken components or components that are nearly worn out. If we can identify these components prior to catastrophic failure and repair or replace them, we can reduce the number of service interruptions that you may experience.

Once we have finished the evaluation process, we send out a failure report and a quote for the estimated repair costs. We will not begin work until we have received your approval.

Repair Process

Once we receive your approval, the first thing we will do is repair or replace the broken components that are causing the reported failure. Next, we will repair or replace components on the verge of failure.

We use a tracking system to ensure that our technicians perform all the necessary repairs. Our system automatically checks the progress of the part throughout the repair process to ensure that there are no mistakes. It also specifies which tests our technicians should perform to ensure that the part is in proper working order.

Final Testing

While our tracking software does specify the testing parameters for each part, the final decision is up to our specialists. Our team determines the correct tests based on the working conditions in your facility and how the part will be used on a day-to-day basis. We also use closed-loop methods to ensure our tests are as accurate as possible.

When our technicians determine that the part has been properly fixed, they will create a repair and test report. Our tracking system helps them create this report, which covers all repaired components, all replaced components, all services performed and the final testing results.

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If you need Indramat servo motor repair services, contact K+S Services today. We’ve been helping clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe for over 35 years, and take pride in being a name synonymous with quality. When you turn to us for Indramat repairs, know that we’re ISO-certified and back every service with a peace-of-mind warranty. Reach out to us today to get started with a quote.

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