cleco logoGet Recertified Cleco DC Torque Tools From K+S. Founded over 20 years ago, K+S specializes in supplying, calibrating, repairing, and selling Cleco DC torque tools to clients in North America. As an ISO-certified company, our success is built on providing the quality and efficiency you deserve. Read on to learn more about our complete line of services or contact us today started with a free quote and evaluation.

Remanufactured Tools

When equipment brands or models are discontinued by the manufacturer, K+S can help you extend the life cycle of your production machinery with recertified Cleco DC torque tools. All of our remanufactured products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original OEM specs and are backed by a best-in-class one-year warranty. You don’t know when your discontinued equipment might break down, but if it does, K+S is ready to get your machinery back online as soon as possible.

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

K+S also offers rapid prototyping services and can create custom part holding designs for your tools. We can even send you prototypes in a matter of hours, not days. Contact us today to learn more.

Emergency DC Torque Tool Repairs

Have your Cleco torque wrenches or other tools suddenly failed? You can turn to K+S for emergency repair services. We provide quick turnaround times, and even have a tool exchange program in place to help you reduce downtime.

Calibrations & Validations

Avoiding failures in your Cleco DC torque tools starts with preventative maintenance, including regular calibration. You should calibrate your tools every 5,000 cycles. Please note that the frequency of your calibrations depends on how often you use your tools. If you’re not sure whether you need a calibration, our team can help. We not only offer ISO 17025-accredited calibrations, but also help manufacturers implement tool management software. This software can help you understand when preventative maintenance is due.


Our Hassle-Free Process

Whether you need a replacement, repair, or calibration, we keep our process as easy as possible for you:

  1. Online Form: All services start with you filling out our online form. Please include any relevant information, including photos of your tool(s).
  2. Free Shipping: After we receive your form, we will send you a USPS shipping label so that you can ship your tool to us for free.
  3. Free Evaluation: Once we receive your tool, we disassemble it in our clean, contaminant-free environment.
  4. Quote & Failure Analysis Report: Our team will then put together a failure analysis report (FAR) that includes probable causes of failure, recommended repairs and other actions, a cost estimate, and timeline estimate.
  5. Repairs & Inspection: After you accept your quote, we’ll repair or rebuild your tool. We always test and perform final inspections on all repaired or rebuilt tools to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.
  6. You Receive Your Tool(s): We then send your tool back to you along with a full report that includes all test results, a list of repairs that we performed, and more.

List of Cleco Tools We Repair & Calibrate

Our team proudly repairs and calibrates all types of Cleco DC torque tools, including:

  • Cleco 47/48 Series
  • Cleco 17/18 Series
  • 34RA Series

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